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Manasses III Manassus (de Vergy)

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Lineage Vergy
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Manasses III Manassus
Other last names de Vergy

Ermengarde de Chalon [Buviniden] b. 850

Manassès Ier de Chalon - [Vergy] b. about 875 d. from 910 - 918


child birth: Rudolph de Vergy [Vergy]

marriage: Ermengarde de Bourgogne [de Bourgogne] b. 876 d. 935

about 890 child birth: Giselbert de Bourgogne [de Bourgogne] b. about 890 d. 956

about 896 child birth: Ermengarde de Chalon [de Chalon] b. about 896 d. 931

900 child birth: Manassès de Chalon [de Chalon] b. 900 d. 925

From grandparents to grandchildren

Richilde d'Ardennes
birth: 845
marriage: Карл II Лысый , Aix-la-Chapelle, {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
title: 22 June 870, Reine des Francs
title: 25 December 875, Impératrice d'Occident,
other: about August 877, Tortone, Lombardie, Sacrée Impératrice d'Occident par le pape Jean VIII {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
death: 2 June 910
Richard d'Autun (Justicier)
birth: about 855
title: from 880 - 921, Herzog von Burgund
marriage: Adelaide Guelph (d'Auxerre)
death: 1 September 921
Radebert (Robert)
occupation: évêque of Valence
death: after 879
Irmgard der Karolingen
birth: 852
marriage: Boson V ? (de Provence, Bivinide)
death: 896, voor 2 juni
burial: Vienne (Isère), Cathédrale Saint-Maurice
Boson V ? (de Provence, Bivinide)
birth: 844
title: Roi de Bourgogne Cisjurane
marriage: Irmgard der Karolingen
death: 10 January 887, Vienne (Isère)
burial: Vienne (Isère), Cathédrale Saint-Maurice de Vienne
Willa d'Arles (van Bourgondie)
birth: 863
marriage: Rudolf I of Haute-Burgogne
title: 880, Princesse de Bourgogne
title: 888, Reine de Bourgogne
death: 925
Louis III ? (Bourgogne, The Blind, Buviniden)
birth: about 882
title: Roi de Bourgogne Cisjurane
other: Roi d'Italie
other: between 900 and 905, King of Lower Bourgogne and Italy
other: from 901 - 905, Empereur des Romains
death: 5 June 928, Arles
Manassès Ier de Chalon -
birth: about 875
marriage: Ermengarde de Chalon
death: from 910 - 918
== 3 ==
Gislebert ? (de Bourgogne)
birth: estimated 900
title: Comte de Chalon
title: Comte de Troyes
title: Comte d'Autun
title: Comte de Beaune
title: Comte d'Avallon
title: Comte de Dijon
title: Comte principal de Bourgogne.
death: 8 April 956
Ermengarde Vergier (de Sur Saone)
birth: before 920
death: about 940
Walo de Vergy
birth: between 880 and 940
birth: between 880 and 940
== 3 ==
Giselbert de Bourgogne
birth: about 890
death: 956
Ermengarde de Chalon
birth: about 896
death: 931
Manassès de Chalon
birth: 900
death: 925

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