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Landry de Nevers d. 1028

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Lineage Nevers
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Landry de Nevers

Bodo de Monceaux [Monceaux]


birth: Nevers, France

child birth: w Eudes (Bodon) de Nevers [Monceaux]

before 1000 child birth: Renaud I de Nevers [Nevers] b. before 1000 d. 29 May 1040

1028 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
Maud de Bourgogne
birth: 976
death: 1005
Landry de Nevers
birth: Nevers, France
death: 1028
== 2 ==
Advisa (Hadewig) Capet (de Auxerre)
birth: 1003
marriage: Renaud I de Nevers
title: 1028, comtesse d'Auxerre
title: 1031, Comtesse d'Auxerre
death: after 1063
Renaud I de Nevers
birth: before 1000
marriage: Advisa (Hadewig) Capet (de Auxerre)
title: from 11 May 1028 - 29 May 1040, Graf von Nevers
title: from 11 May 1031 - 29 May 1040, Graf von Auxerre
death: 29 May 1040
William de Nevers
birth: 1030
title: 1040, Graf von Auxerre
title: 1040, Graf von Nevers
title: 1045, Graf von Tonnerre
marriage: Ermengarde Tonnerre
death: after 1083
Robert I de Craon
birth: about 1023
marriage: Avoise von Sablé
death: 1098

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