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Aeric (Euric) Balthus b. about 420 d. July 484

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Lineage Balthus
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Aeric (Euric) Balthus
Other given names Erwig

Theodoric I ? (The Ostrogoth, Dietrich, Balti Dynasty) [Balthus] b. estimated 390 d. 24 June 451

Amalaberge d'Ostrogothie [?] b. about 400

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about 420 birth:

marriage: Ragnacilde [-] b. about 420

about 446 child birth: Evochilde de Wisigothie [Balthe] b. about 446

about 458 child birth: Alaric II Balthus [Balthus] b. about 458 d. 507

from 466 - 484 title: King of the Visigoths

July 484 death:


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In 470 Euric defeated an attempted invasion of Gaul by the Celtic magnate Arturus Riothamus and expanded his kingdom even further north, possibly as far as the Somme River, the March of Frankish territory.

[edit] Sources

  1. - Historia Francorum / Decem libros historiarum Grégoire of Tours — Book: II — on this page

From grandparents to grandchildren

Theodoric I ? (The Ostrogoth, Dietrich, Balti Dynasty)
birth: estimated 390, Peuce Island, Dobruja
title: from 418 - 451, King of the Visigoths
death: 24 June 451, Battle of Chalons, France
Amalaberge d'Ostrogothie
birth: about 400
== 2 ==
Torismund Balthus (Torismund)
birth: estimated 420, Візіготське воєводство, Римське царство
title: from 451 - 453, Візіготське воєводство, Римське царство, воєвода (князь, король, рекс, рой)
death: 453, Візіготське воєводство, Римське царство, убитий внаслідок змови
Theodoric II
birth: estimated 420
title: from 453 - 466
death: 466
birth: estimated 420
death: 463
Rethemeris ? (Ricimer)
birth: estimated 420
Ψ Himmérit
birth: estimated 420
Aeric (Euric) Balthus
birth: about 420
marriage: Ragnacilde
title: from 466 - 484, King of the Visigoths
death: July 484
== 2 ==
Alaric II Balthus
birth: about 458
marriage: Theudicote d'Ostrogothie
title: from 484 - 507, roi des Wisigoths
death: 507
Odoacer (Adaccar ) (Utigur) ? (Skirer, Federatus)
birth: 433
marriage: Evochilde de Wisigothie
other: 471, Angers, {{Histoire des Francs|Livre=II|Permalien=|Page=}}''"Adovacre (Odoacre) étant venu à Angers, le roi [[:fr:Personne:31417|Childéric ]] arriva le jour suivant , et ayant tué le comte Paul, il s’empara de la ville. Ce jour-là l’église fut consumée par un grand incendie."''.
title: from 476 - 493, King of Italy
death: 15 March 493
Eustère de Visigoth
birth: about 490
death: 521
Gesalec Alreksson (Balthus)
title: between 507 and 511, King of Visigothia
death: about 512
birth: 502
title: from 511 - 531, king of the Visigoths
marriage: Clotilde ? (Clotilde la Jeune, Chrothieldis , Chrothilda)
death: 531

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