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Odoacer (Adaccar ) (Utigur) ? (Skirer, Federatus) b. 433 d. 15 March 493

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Lineage ?
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Odoacer (Adaccar ) (Utigur) ?
Other last names Skirer, Federatus
Other given names Jonaker

Etichus (Ediko) Syagrius (Skirs, Skirer, Skirus) [Skirer]

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Odoacer
Reference numbers GEDCOM::AugustaGall.ged::INDI @I3223@::SylvainComte


433 birth:

child birth: Sarus (Sorli) (Serilus) ? (Skirer, Skirus) [?] d. 15 December 533

marriage: Evochilde de Wisigothie [Balthe] b. about 446

about 462 child birth: Amalaberga Hérule ? (Skirer) [?] b. about 462 d. about 510

471 other: Angers, [1]

from 476 - 493 title: King of Italy

15 March 493 death:


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deposed Romulus Augustus

This person is a contemporary of Arthur Pendragon. In Culhwch and Bonedd yr Arwyr it is suggested that Arthur also had some sort of relationship with Eleirch daughter of Iaen, by which he became the father of Amr or (alternately) Kydwan. The most likely candidate for this would be Odoacer, the husband of Atilla's widow Ildica whose name in various dialects could be rendered Uther, Autar or Ardaccar, whose son was named Erpr.

[edit] Sources

  1. Historia Francorum / Decem libros historiarum Grégoire of Tours — Book: II — on this page "Adovacre (Odoacre) étant venu à Angers, le roi Childéric arriva le jour suivant , et ayant tué le comte Paul, il s’empara de la ville. Ce jour-là l’église fut consumée par un grand incendie.".

From grandparents to grandchildren

Etichus (Ediko) Syagrius (Skirs, Skirer, Skirus)
title: Body Guard of Attila the Hun
== 2 ==
Onoulphus (Hunwulf) ? (Skirus)
birth: about 430
other: between 477 and 479, magister militum per Illyricum
death: March 493
Odoacer (Adaccar ) (Utigur) ? (Skirer, Federatus)
birth: 433
marriage: Evochilde de Wisigothie
other: 471, Angers, {{Histoire des Francs|Livre=II|Permalien=|Page=}}''"Adovacre (Odoacre) étant venu à Angers, le roi [[:fr:Personne:31417|Childéric ]] arriva le jour suivant , et ayant tué le comte Paul, il s’empara de la ville. Ce jour-là l’église fut consumée par un grand incendie."''.
title: from 476 - 493, King of Italy
death: 15 March 493
== 2 ==
Amalaberga Hérule ? (Skirer)
birth: about 462
marriage: 484
death: about 510
Sarus (Sorli) (Serilus) ? (Skirer, Skirus)
death: 15 December 533, Tricamarum, 30 miles west of Carthage, North Africa, Battle of Tricamarum

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