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Edmund de Mortimer (3rd Earl of March) b. 1 February 1352 d. 27 December 1381

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Lineage Mortimer
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Edmund de Mortimer
Other last names 3rd Earl of March

Roger Mortimer (2nd Earl of March) [Mortimer] b. 11 November 1328 d. 26 February 1360

Philippa Montacute [Montagu] b. 1332

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1 February 1352 birth: Wales, (Llangoed, Llyswen, Breconshire ?)

1359 marriage: Reading (Berkshire), England, Queens Chapel, Philippa Plantagenet [Plantagenet] b. 16 August 1355 d. 5 January 1382

12 February 1371 child birth: Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales, Elizabeth Mortimer [Mortimer] b. 12 February 1371 d. 20 April 1417

11 April 1374 child birth: Roger Mortimer [Mortimer] b. 11 April 1374 d. 20 July 1398

27 December 1381 death: Cork, Ireland, Dominican Friary


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  • Llangoed, Llyswen, Breconshire

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Maud de Badlesmere
birth: 1310, Kent (England), Castle Badlesmere
death: 24 May 1366, Earls Colne, Essex (England), Hall Place
Elizabeth Badlesmere
birth: 1313
death: 8 June 1356
Catherine Mortimer
birth: 1314, Ludlow, Shropshire, Ludlow Castle
death: between 4 August 1369 and 6 September 1369
Geoffroy de Mortemer
birth: about 1317
Edmund Mortimer
death: 1331
Catherine Grandison
birth: 1304, Ashford, Kingdom of England
marriage: William Montagu (Montacute) (1st Earl of Salisbury)
death: 23 November 1349, Oxfordshire, Kingdom of England
Humphrey Bohun
birth: 1342
title: 7th Earl of Hereford
title: 6th Earl of Essex
title: 2nd Earl of Northampton
death: 16 January 1373
Roger Mortimer (2nd Earl of March)
birth: 11 November 1328
death: 26 February 1360
== 3 ==
Philippa Plantagenet
birth: 16 August 1355, England, Eltham, Kent
marriage: Edmund de Mortimer (3rd Earl of March) , Reading (Berkshire), England, Queens Chapel
title: from 1368 - 1382, Comtesse d'Ulster, la cinquième
death: 5 January 1382, Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
Edmund de Mortimer (3rd Earl of March)
birth: 1 February 1352, Wales, (Llangoed, Llyswen, Breconshire ?)
marriage: Philippa Plantagenet , Reading (Berkshire), England, Queens Chapel
death: 27 December 1381, Cork, Ireland, Dominican Friary
== 3 ==
Roger Mortimer
birth: 11 April 1374
marriage: Eleanore
death: 20 July 1398, Y
Henry Percy
birth: 20 May 1364, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
marriage: Elizabeth Mortimer , Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales
death: 21 July 1403, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Elizabeth Mortimer
birth: 12 February 1371, Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales
marriage: Henry Percy , Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales
death: 20 April 1417, King's Stanley, Gloucestershire, England
Joyce Cherlton
birth: 1395
birth: 1442
Richard of Conisburgh Plantagenet
birth: September 1376, Conisbrough, Yorkshire (England), Castle
title: 1395, Comte de Cambridge
marriage: Anne Mortimer
death: 4 August 1415, Southampton, Hampshire (England), Southampton Green
Anne Mortimer
birth: 27 December 1390
marriage: Richard of Conisburgh Plantagenet
title: May 1406, Comtesse de Cambridge
death: 21 September 1411, Y
Eleanor Neville
birth: 1407, Raby Castle, County Durham, England
marriage: Henry Percy
death: 1472, St. Albans (England), Hertfordshire
Henry Percy
birth: 3 February 1392, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
marriage: Eleanor Neville
death: 22 May 1455, St. Albans (England)
John Clifford
birth: calculated 1389
marriage: Elizabeth Percy
death: 13 March 1422

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