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George Báthory de Ecsed d. 1570

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Lineage Báthory
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) George Báthory de Ecsed

Andrew IV Báthory de Ecsed [Báthory] d. 1534



child birth: Sofia Báthory [Báthory]

child birth: Klara Báthory [Báthory]

marriage: Anna Bathory [Báthory] d. about 1570

1555 child birth: w István Báthory [Báthory] b. 1555 d. 25 July 1605

7 August 1560 child birth: Nyírbátor, Szatmár County, Hungary, Elizabeth Báthory (The Blood Countess) [Báthory] b. 7 August 1560 d. 21 August 1614

1570 death:

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Stephen V Báthory de Ecsed
birth: 1430
death: 1493
Michael III Báthory de Ecsed
birth: 1435
death: 1506
Иштван VII Батори
marriage: w Зофия Мазовецкая (Батори, Пекри) , Варшава
death: 3 May 1530, Девень, Королевство Венгрия
== 3 ==
Миклош Батори
birth: about 1520
marriage: Фружина Лошонци (Батори)
death: 17 December 1584, Эчед
== 3 ==
Elizabeth Báthory (The Blood Countess)
birth: 7 August 1560, Nyírbátor, Szatmár County, Hungary
marriage: Ferenc Nádasdy de Nádasd et Fogarasföld , Varannó
death: 21 August 1614, Čachtice, Hungary, then called : Csejte (now in Slovakia)
Nikola VI Zrinski
birth: 1570
marriage: Anna Nádasdy , Чепрег
death: 24 March 1625
Anna Nádasdy
birth: 1585
marriage: Nikola VI Zrinski , Чепрег
death: 13 August 1615
Ursula Nádasdy
birth: 1586
Andrew Nádasdy
birth: 1594
Georg Drugeth von Homonna
birth: 1583
marriage: Katherine Nádasdy , Burg Čachtice
death: 1620
Katherine Nádasdy
birth: about 1594
marriage: Georg Drugeth von Homonna , Burg Čachtice
Paul Nádasdy de Nádasd et Fogarasföld
birth: 1598
marriage: Judith Forgách (de Ghymes)
death: 15 October 1633, Sárvár, или
death: 4 January 1650

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