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Liuva I (Llacheu) b. estimated 530

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Lineage Visigoth
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Liuva I (Llacheu)
Other given names Leuva o Leova

? (Possibly Daughter or Sister of Petrus Marcellinus Felix Liberius) [?]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Liuva_I


estimated 530 birth: Hispania

between 568 and 572 title: Hispania, Rey de los visigodos

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
birth: about 500, Hispania
religion: Arrianismo
marriage: Gosuinda (Goiswintha)
marriage: Teodosia
marriage: Richilde
title: from 572 - 586, Rey de los visigodos
death: 586
Liuva I (Llacheu)
birth: estimated 530, Hispania
title: between 568 and 572, Hispania, Rey de los visigodos
== 2 ==

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