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Leovigild b. about 500 d. 586

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Lineage Visigoth
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Leovigild

....gildo ? [Visigoth] b. about 480

? (Possibly Daughter or Sister of Petrus Marcellinus Felix Liberius) [?]

Liuverico [?] b. between 414 and 523

Wiki-page wikipedia:Liuvigild


about 500 birth: Hispania

child birth: Esteban [Visigoth]

child birth: Ofilon [Visigodo]

religion: Arrianismo

marriage: Gosuinda (Goiswintha) [Suevo] d. 589

marriage: Teodosia [Hispanorromano] b. calculated 550

marriage: Richilde [?] b. between 456 and 576

between 491 and 611 child birth: Nn Leodegildsdatter [Visigoth] b. between 491 and 611

564 child birth: Hermenegild [Visigoth] b. 564 d. 13 April 585

565 child birth: Reccared I [Visigoth] b. 565 d. 601

from 572 - 586 title: Rey de los visigodos

586 death:


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[edit] Sources

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica - Brother of King Athanagild (d. 567), Leovigild succeeded (568) to that part of the Visigothic kingdom that lay south of the Pyrenees. Another brother, Liuva, ruled in Septimania, but after his death (572) Leovigild became sole king. Throughout his reign he was constantly at war. He took (569) Leon and Zamora from the Suebi in the northwest and Córdoba (571–572) from the Greeks in the south. One of Leovigild’s sons, Hermenegild, married Ingund, daughter of Brunhild and of the Frankish king Sigebert,
  2. (Spain under the Visigoths) The Cambridge Medieval History Series volumes 1-5 Plantagenet Publishing - Leovigild and Liuva brothers of Athanagild

From grandparents to grandchildren

....gildo ?
birth: about 480
other: Dux Gallia Narbonensis, Gallia Narbonensis
birth: between 414 and 523
== 2 ==
Liuva I (Llacheu)
birth: estimated 530, Hispania
title: between 568 and 572, Hispania, Rey de los visigodos
birth: calculated 550, Hispania, Spali, Baetica
marriage: Leovigild
birth: between 456 and 576
marriage: Leovigild
birth: about 500, Hispania
religion: Arrianismo
marriage: Gosuinda (Goiswintha)
marriage: Teodosia
marriage: Richilde
title: from 572 - 586, Rey de los visigodos
death: 586
== 2 ==
birth: 570, Metz
marriage: Hermenegild
death: 24 March 585, Africa
birth: 564
marriage: Ingonda
death: 13 April 585, Tarragona
other: 1585, Canonized as a Catholic Saint
Clodosinde de France
birth: 572, Metz (57)
marriage contract: Reccared I , Spain, Second Recaredo's mariage
birth: 566, posiblemente hija de Fonso
marriage: Reccared I , Spain, Third Recaredo's mariage
birth: about 569
marriage contract: Reccared I , Paris
annulment: Reccared I , Toulouse
death: after 589
Reccared I
birth: 565
marriage contract: Ringunthe , Paris
annulment: Ringunthe , Toulouse
title: from 586 - 601, Rey de los Visigodos.
marriage contract: Clodosinde de France , Spain, Second Recaredo's mariage
marriage: Baddona , Spain, Third Recaredo's mariage
death: 601
birth: 547, Toledo (Spain)
title: 566, Princesa de los Visigodos.
marriage: Sigeberto I , Metz
marriage: Mérovée -
death: 613, Renève
burial: 613, Autun, Abbaye Saint-Martin d'Autun
Galswinthe - (Galsuintha, Gailesuinda, Gelesuinta, Galswintha, Galswinde)
birth: 540, Tolède
title: estimated 560, Princesse d'Espagne
marriage: Хильперик I Меровеевич
title: 566, Reine d'Orléans et de Paris
death: between 567 and 568, Soissons (02)
Nn Leodegildsdatter
birth: between 491 and 611
birth: 588, Spain
title: between 621 and 631, Hispania, King of Visigoths
_EXCM: 5 December 633, Toledo (Spain)
death: 634
Liuva II
birth: 583, Hispania, hijo natural de Recaredo y mujer no goda
title: between 601 and April 603, Hispania, Rey de los visigodos
death: July 603, Hispania
marriage: Floresinda
title: between April 612 and February 621, Hispania, Rey de los visigodos
birth: hija natural
marriage: Sisebuto

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