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Maria Erotikos b. 931

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Lineage Erotikos
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Maria Erotikos

(General) Manuel Erotikos [Erotikos]


931 birth:

marriage: w Isaak Komnenos [Komnenos] b. 925

between 955 and 960 child birth: Istanbul, (Constantinople), Manuel Erotikos (Komenos) [Komnenos] b. between 955 and 960 d. about 1020

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 2 ==
Isaak Komnenos
birth: 925, Constantinople, Constantinople, Byzantium
marriage: Maria Erotikos
== 2 ==
Manuel Erotikos (Komenos)
birth: between 955 and 960, Istanbul, (Constantinople)
title: stratège
death: about 1020
Anna Dalassenos
birth: about 1030
marriage: Johannes Komnenos
death: about 1101, datum is 1 november
burial: Pantopopte
Johannes Komnenos
birth: about 1015
title: curopalate
title: domestique des Scholes
marriage: Anna Dalassenos
death: 12 July 1067, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Turkey
Catherine of Bulgaria
birth: about 1010, premier tsarat de Bulgarie
title: princesse
title: augusta
marriage: w Isaac I Komnenos
title: from 1 September 1057 - 1059, impératrice consort byzantine
death: 1063
burial: Constantinople, monastère du Stoudion
Isaac I Komnenos
birth: about 1007
marriage: Catherine of Bulgaria
title: from 8 June 1057 - 25 December 1059, empereur byzantin
death: 31 May 1061
burial: Constantinople, monastère du Stoudion

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