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Paskwitan II de Vannes d. 903

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Lineage Brittany
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Paskwitan II de Vannes

Alain I ? (Bretagne) [Brittany] b. 860 d. 907

Droguen [?]


title: Count de Vannes

900 child birth: Brittany, France, w Judicael Berengar [Rennes] b. 900 d. 970

903 death:


This person is given by some authors as a "make believe" person

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From grandparents to grandchildren

birth: about 800
marriage: Prostlon de Bretagne
title: 874, Count de Vannes
death: 877
Alain I ? (Bretagne)
birth: 860
title: Comte de Vannes
title: Comte de Nantes
title: from 890 - 907, Duke of Britany
death: 907
== 3 ==
Judith Gurvand (de Rennes)
birth: estimated 850
marriage: w Berengar de Bayeux
death: about 870
Paskwitan II de Vannes
title: Count de Vannes
death: 903
== 3 ==
Judicael Berengar
birth: 900, Brittany, France
marriage: Gerberga ? (Rennes)
death: 970
title: to 970, Kont Roazhon
Ermengarde d'Angou
birth: 952, Anjou, France
marriage: w Conan I of Brittany (the Crooked)
title: 973, Comtesse de Rennes
title: 990, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Nantes
death: 992, Anjou, France
Conan I of Brittany (the Crooked)
birth: 944
title: 970, Count of Rennes
marriage: Ermengarde d'Angou
title: from 990 - 27 June 992, Duke of Brittany
title: 990, Count of Nantes
death: 27 June 992, Conquereuil, Battle of Conquereuil
burial: Mont Saint-Michel
Méen Ier de Fougères
property: Fougères (35), Seigneur de Fougères
death: 1020
Enoguen de Fougères
other: se réfugie chez son frére Méen Ier de Fougères

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