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Nominoe I de Bretagne b. estimated 805 d. 12 November 857

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Lineage Poher
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Nominoe I de Bretagne

Nevenoe [Breis] b. 780 d. 7 March 851

Argental de Catalon [Carpia] b. estimated 790

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Nominoe


estimated 805 birth:

child birth: Conan [?]

marriage: Marmohec [?] b. estimated 815 d. before 857

estimated 835 child birth: Miriamne de Bretaigne [Desposyni] b. estimated 835

from 851 - 857 title: Duc de Bretagne

from 851 - 857 title: Roue Breizh

12 November 857 death: Vendôme, France

burial: Redon, abati Sant-Salver

: missus imperatoris (imperial emissary)

: Comte de Poher


Ancestry hypothesis :
Hypothesis source : Histoire de Bretagne Par P. H. Morice (not sure)

en:Miriam de Framling (Ausona) (Bani Razes, b. 750)
Image:Lien Hypothèse.jpg
Nominoe I de Bretagne
en:Erispoe Frodaldus Desposyni (deBors) (Desposyni, b. 750 d. 812)

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[edit] Sources

  1. Histoire de Bretagne Par P. H. Morice (XVIIIe) -
  2. The Breton charters - Several titles listed for Nomenoe Nominoe magistro in Britanniam ("Nominoe, master in Brittany") Nominoe possidente Brittanniam ("Nominoe, possessing Brittany") gubernante Nominoe totam Brittanniam ("Nominoe, governing all Brittany") Nominoe principe in Brittannia ("Nominoe, prince in Brittany") regnante Nominoe in Brittannia ("Nominoe, reigning in Brittany") Nominoe duce in Britannia ("Nominoe, duke in Brittany") Nomenoius dux ("duke Nominoe") Nominoius princeps ("prince Nominoe") Nomenogius Britto ("Breton Nominoe")
  3. Smith, Julia M. H. Province and Empire: Brittany and the Carolingians. Cambridge University Press: 1992. -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Argentius de Catalon
death: Argenteuil
birth: 780
title: from 819 - 851, Kont Gwened
title: about 826, Kont Poc'hêr
title: from 837 - 845, missus imperatoris
title: from 845 - 851, Breizh, Roue Breizh
death: 7 March 851, e-kichen Gwenngen / Vendôme
burial: Redon, Breizh, abati Sant-Salver
Argental de Catalon
birth: estimated 790, Argenteuil
== 3 ==
birth: estimated 815
marriage: Nominoe I de Bretagne
death: before 857
Nominoe I de Bretagne
birth: estimated 805
marriage: Marmohec
title: from 851 - 857, Duc de Bretagne
title: from 851 - 857, Roue Breizh
death: 12 November 857, Vendôme, France
burial: Redon, abati Sant-Salver
: missus imperatoris (imperial emissary)
: Comte de Poher
== 3 ==
Louis II of West Francia
birth: 1 November 846, Compiègne
engagement: Miriamne de Bretaigne , {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
title: 856, Duc du Maine,
marriage: w Ансгарда Бургундская , Ils se seraient mariés clandestinement {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
title: 867, Roi d'Aquitaine,
marriage: Аделаида Парижская
other: w Ансгарда Бургундская , Répudiation
title: 6 October 877, King of Aquitaine
other: 8 December 877, Compiègne, Sacrée par Hincmar, archevêque de Reins
other: 7 September 878, Troyes (Aube), Couronné empereur par le Pape Jean VIII
death: 10 April 879, Compiègne
burial: 11 April 879, Compiègne, Saint-Corneille Abbey
Miriamne de Bretaigne
birth: estimated 835
engagement: Louis II of West Francia , {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
marriage: Gurvand (Vurfandus) de Rennes
birth: estimated
Judith Gurvand (de Rennes)
birth: estimated 850
marriage: Berengar de Bayeux
death: about 870

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