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Ynyr Arglwydd ap Meurig (Nannau) b. 1230

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Lineage Nannau
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Ynyr Arglwydd ap Meurig
Other last names Nannau

Meurig ap Madog (Argylwydd) [Nannau] b. 1200

Gwenllian ? (vch Iorwerth) [?] b. 1210


1230 birth: Llanfachreth, Wales, Nannau

1270 child birth: Nannau, Llanfachreth, Merioneth, Wales, Ynyr Fychan ap Ynyr (Nannau) [Nannau] b. 1270 d. 1304


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About Nannau: according to Wikipedia, "The Nannau family is descended from the princes of Powys through the 13th century prince Ynyr Hen. The family were patrons of famous poets of the period, and the mansion is mentioned in several poems from the 14th century onwards."

From grandparents to grandchildren

Madog Ap Cadwgon (Arglwydd)
birth: 1170, Llanfachreth, Merionethshire, Wales, Nannau
Efa Verch Madog
birth: 1180, Montgomery (Powys), Cyfeiliog commote
Meurig ap Madog (Argylwydd)
birth: 1200, Llanfachreth, Nannau
Gwenllian ? (vch Iorwerth)
birth: 1210, Wales, Merioneth
== 3 ==
Gwerful vch Madog (Rhos)
birth: 1230, Rhos cantref, Denbigh, Wales
Ynyr Arglwydd ap Meurig (Nannau)
birth: 1230, Llanfachreth, Wales, Nannau
== 3 ==
Gwenhwyfar Verch Gruffudd
birth: 1270, Montgomery (Powys), Penrhos, Penegoes
Ynyr Fychan ap Ynyr (Nannau)
birth: 1270, Nannau, Llanfachreth, Merioneth, Wales
death: 1304
Meurig Fychan ap Ynyr (Nannau)
title: Lord Nannau
residence: Nannau, Llanfachreth, Merioneth, Wales
burial: Dolgelly Church

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