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Ermengarde van Verdun b. estimated 930 d. about 985

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Lineage Reiniar
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Ermengarde van Verdun
Other given names Oda

w Otto van Verdun [Reinier] b. estimated 910 d. 944


estimated 930 birth:

marriage: Robert I van Namen [Namur] b. estimated 925 d. between 974 and 981

estimated 950 child birth: w Albert I von Namur [Namur] b. estimated 950 d. before 1011

estimated 965 child birth: Ermengarde van Namen [Namur] b. estimated 965

about 985 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Régnier Ier de Hainaut (dit : Régnier au Long Col)
birth: about 850, Francie
marriage: Alberada van Lotharingen
death: between 25 August 915 and 19 January 916, Meerssen
Richwin van Verdun
birth: about 849
marriage: Kunegonde
death: 923
Otto van Verdun
birth: estimated 910
death: 944
== 3 ==
Robert I van Namen
birth: estimated 925
marriage: Ermengarde van Verdun
death: between 974 and 981
Ermengarde van Verdun
birth: estimated 930
marriage: Robert I van Namen
death: about 985
== 3 ==
Albert I von Namur
birth: estimated 950
marriage: Irmgard van Neder-Lotharingen
death: before 1011
Otto I van Warq
birth: estimated 955
property: seigneur de Warcq
title: comte de Chiny
marriage: Ermengarde van Namen
death: about 987
Albert II de Namur
birth: estimated 1000
title: comte de Namur
marriage: Reginlinde van Nederlotharingen
death: July 1064, of 1063
Liutgard Emma van Namen
birth: estimated 990
Louis Ier de Chiny (Warcq)
birth: estimated 970
title: comte de Chiny
title: comte de Verdun
death: 28 September 1025
Gerhard Alsace
birth: about 1030
marriage: Hedwig van Namen
title: 1045, comte de Metz
title: 11 November 1048, comte de Châtenois
death: 14 April 1070, Remiremont
Hedwig van Namen
birth: estimated 1010
birth: about 28 January 1080, datum is 28 januari
marriage: Gerhard Alsace
burial: Châtenois (Vosges)

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