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Anne Say

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Lineage Say
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Anne Say

Elizabeth Cheney (Tilney, Say) [Cheney] b. April 1422 d. 25 September 1473

John Say [Say] b. 1415 d. 12 April 1478


marriage: w Henry Wentworth [Wentworth]

calculated 1478 child birth: w Margery (Margaret) Wentworth (Seymour) [Wentworth] b. calculated 1478

From grandparents to grandchildren

Elizabeth Cheney (Tilney, Say)
birth: April 1422, Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England
title: Lady Tilney
title: Lady Say
marriage: John Say
marriage: Frederick Tilney
death: 25 September 1473, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
John Say
birth: 1415, Podington, Bedfordshire, England
marriage: Elizabeth Cheney (Tilney, Say)
death: 12 April 1478, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
== 2 ==
Elizabeth Tilney
birth: 1445, Norfolk (England), Ashwellthorpe Manor
title: Countess of Surrey
marriage: Thomas Howard
death: 4 April 1497, London, England
== 2 ==
John Seymour
birth: about 1474
marriage: w Margery (Margaret) Wentworth (Seymour)
death: 21 December 1536
Margery (Margaret) Wentworth (Seymour)
birth: calculated 1478
birth: 18 October 1550
marriage: John Seymour
Henry VIII Tudor
birth: 28 June 1491, Greenwich (London), England, Palace of Placentia
title: from 1509 - 28 January 1547, King of England
title: 24 April 1509, Lord of Ireland
marriage: Catherine Trastamara (of Aragon)
other: 24 June 1509, King of Ireland
marriage: Anne Boleyn
annulment: Catherine Trastamara (of Aragon)
divorce: Anne Boleyn
marriage: Jane Seymour
marriage: Anne of Cleves
annulment: Anne of Cleves , London, England
marriage: Catherine Howard , Richmond-upon-Thames, England
marriage: Catherine Parr , London, England, Hampton Court Palace
death: 28 January 1547, London, England, Palace of Whitehall, 55 years old
Jane Seymour
birth: about 1508
marriage: Henry VIII Tudor
title: 30 May 1536, Londres, Reine d'Angleterre et d'Irlande
other: 4 June 1536, Londres, Sacre
death: 24 October 1537, Richmond upon Thames, Hampton Court Palace
Catherine Parr
birth: 1512, Blackfriars (London)
marriage: Edward Borough
marriage: John de Neville
marriage: Henry VIII Tudor , London, England, Hampton Court Palace
title: 12 July 1543, Londres, Reine d'Angleterre et d'Irlande
marriage: Thomas Seymour
death: 5 September 1548, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England, Sudeley Castle
Thomas Seymour
birth: about 1508
title: of Sudeley
marriage: Catherine Parr
death: 20 March 1549
Catherine Fillol
birth: about 1500
marriage: Edward Seymour
death: about 1535
Anne Stanhope
birth: 1510
marriage: Edward Seymour
death: 16 April 1587
Edward Seymour
birth: about 1500
marriage: Anne Stanhope
marriage: Catherine Fillol
occupation: from 1542 - 1543, Lord High Admiral
title: from 1547 - 22 January 1552, Duke of Somerset
occupation: from 1547 - 1549, Earl Marshal
occupation: from 1547 - 1549, Lord High Treasurer
death: 22 January 1552, London, England, Tower Hill, executed
Gregory Cromwell
birth: about 1520
marriage: w Elizabeth Seymour
death: 4 July 1551
Elizabeth Seymour
birth: about 1505
marriage: Gregory Cromwell
death: 9 June 1563

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