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Ælfgar Leofricson (Buckenhall) b. before 1032 d. 1064

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Lineage Buckenhall
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Ælfgar Leofricson
Other last names Buckenhall
Other given names Alfgar

Godgifu Thoraldsdotter (Lady Godiva) [Buckenhall] b. about 1010 d. 10 September 1067

Leofric III Leofwineson (Hereward) [Atheling] b. 14 May 978 d. 31 August 1057

Wiki-page wikipedia:Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia


after 1010 child birth: Deheubarth, Wales, w Edith (Ealdgyth) of Mercia [Buckenhall] b. after 1010 d. after 1070

before 1032 birth: Coventry (England)

child birth: Leverunia [Buckenhall]

1064 death: Coventry (England)


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[edit] Sources

  1. Patrick W. Montague-Smith Letters: Godiva's family tree The Times, 25 January 1983 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Thorald Buckenhall
birth: 985, Coventry (England), Warwickshire, England
title: Sheriff of Lincolnshire
Leofwine of Mercia
title: Aldorman of the Hwicce
death: 1028
Alwarra Mannesdotter
birth: 955, Mercia, England
Turold Buckenhall (Lincoln)
birth: before 1020, Coventry (England), Warwickshire, England
death: before 1080
Godgifu Thoraldsdotter (Lady Godiva)
birth: about 1010, Buckenhall Lincs England
marriage: Leofric III Leofwineson (Hereward)
death: 10 September 1067, Coventry (England)
Leofric III Leofwineson (Hereward)
birth: 14 May 978, Chester (Cheshire), England
marriage: Godgifu Thoraldsdotter (Lady Godiva)
death: 31 August 1057, Bromley, Staffordshire, England
== 3 ==
Ælfgar Leofricson (Buckenhall)
birth: before 1032, Coventry (England)
death: 1064, Coventry (England)
== 3 ==
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn
birth: 1011, Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales
title: from 1039 - 1063, King of Gwynedd
title: from 1039 - 1063, King of Powys
marriage: 1050
title: from 1055 - 1063, King of Deheubarth
title: from 1055 - 1063, King of Gwent
title: from 1055 - 1063, King of Glywysing
title: from 1055 - 1063, King of Wales
divorce: 1057
death: 5 August 1063, Bannockburn, Stirling, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
marriage: w Edith (Ealdgyth) of Mercia
Harold II Godwinson
birth: about 1023, Wessex, England
marriage: Едита Сванська Лебедина Шия
marriage: w Eadgyth Swanneshals (of Buckenhall) , More danico
title: 1066, Roi d'Angleterre
death: 14 October 1066, Hastings (England), Battle of Hastings
burial: Waltham Abbey
Edith (Ealdgyth) of Mercia
birth: after 1010, Deheubarth, Wales
marriage: Gruffydd ap Llywelyn
death: after 1070
Gytha Haraldsdatter
birth: estimated 1055, Руське і Київське велике князівство
marriage: Volodomir Vsevolodovich (Мономах, Ruricovich-Monomach)
death: 10 March 1098, Palestine
birth: December 1066
death: after 1087
birth: 1049, Руське велике князівство
birth: 1049
birth: 1051
birth: 1055
death: 1097
Harold Haraldsson
birth: December 1066
death: after 1098
Nesta Verch Gruffydd
birth: 1024, Deheubarth, Wales
Llewellyn apGruffydd
title: Lord Snowdon
title: between 1194 and 1240, Prince of Aberffraw

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