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Mathilde van Avesnes b. estimated 1190 d. 5 November 1237

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Lineage Avesnes
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mathilde van Avesnes

Jacob van Avesnes [Oisy-Avesnes] b. about 1152 d. 7 September 1191

Adèle de Guise [Guise] d. 23 September 1266


estimated 1190 birth:

marriage: Николас I де Римини [Римини] d. 1205

1190 child birth: Nicolas V de Rumigny [Rumigny] b. 1190

1193 marriage: Nicolas IV de Rumigny [Rumigny] b. 1160

after February 1205 marriage: Lodewijk IV van Chiny [Chiny] b. estimated 1180 d. 1226

estimated 1210 child birth: Johanna van Chiny [Chiny] b. estimated 1210

5 November 1237 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Nicolaas van Oisy
birth: 1120
title: 1147, сеньор д'Авен
marriage: Mahaut de La Roche
death: 1171
Beatrix van la Roche
birth: estimated 1120
Fastré d'Avesnes (Fastré Ier)
title: фохт ла Фламенжери
Jacob van Avesnes
birth: about 1152
marriage: Adèle de Guise
title: 1171, сеньор д'Авен
death: 7 September 1191, Arsoef
== 3 ==
Bouchard IV of Avesnes
birth: about 1182
marriage: Margarete II von Flandern , Le Quesnoy, France
annulment: Margarete II von Flandern
death: January 1244, Rupelmonde
Ida van Avesnes
birth: estimated 1185
marriage: Engelbert IV van Enghien
death: about 23 September 1266
Gautier d'Avesnes (Gautier II)
birth: 1170
title: 7 September 1191, Apollonie de Palestine, Israël, Seigneur d'Avesnes et de Condé
marriage: Marguerite de Blois
death: 1244
Adélaïde d'Avesnes
birth: 1180
title: about 1204, Dame héritière d'Enghien
title: 1205, Dame d'Enghien
death: 23 September 1216
Lodewijk IV van Chiny
birth: estimated 1180
marriage: Mathilde van Avesnes
death: 1226, Cahors
burial: Orval
== 3 ==
Arnoul IV de Looz
birth: estimated 1200
marriage: Johanna van Chiny
death: between 24 November 1272 and February 1273
Albrecht van Voorne
birth: estimated 1235
marriage: Adélaïde de Looz
marriage: w Katharina von Luxemburg
death: 30 December 1287
burial: Loosduinen
Margaretha van Loon
birth: estimated 1240
Hugo II de Rumigny
birth: 1220
death: 2 August 1270

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