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Demudis van Laurenburg

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Lineage Nassau
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Demudis van Laurenburg

Dudo - Henry van Laurenburg (Lipporn) [Nassau] b. about 1060 d. about 1123

Anastasia von Arnstein [Arnstein]


child birth: Heinrich II van Diez [Diez]

From grandparents to grandchildren

(Vogt) Robert van Lipporn (Lipporn)
birth: before 1045
title: from 1079 - 1089, граф фон Зиген
Judith/Guda/ von Zutphen
birth: about 1042
marriage count: 1st wife of Ludwig his cousin
marriage: Lodewijk I van Arnstein
Lodewijk I van Arnstein
birth: about 1041
title: граф Einrichgau
marriage: Judith/Guda/ von Zutphen
marriage: Jutta/Guda/ von Zutphen vоn Bettuwe vоn Kleef
death: between 1074 and 1084
Dietrich I ? (of Cleves)
birth: about 1055
title: before 1075, Comte héritier de Clèves
title: after 1076, Comte de Clèves
death: 1119
Jutta/Guda/ von Zutphen vоn Bettuwe vоn Kleef
birth: from 1047 - 1062
marriage count: 2nd wife of Ludwig/a relative of his first wife/
marriage: Lodewijk I van Arnstein
death: 1118
Dudo - Henry van Laurenburg (Lipporn)
birth: about 1060
marriage: Anastasia von Arnstein
title: from 1089 - 1117, граф фон Laurenburg
death: about 1123
== 3 ==
Ruprecht I van Laurenburg
birth: about 1090
title: from 1124 - 1152, Laurenburg, со-graf van Laurenburg
marriage: Beatrix de Limbourg
death: about 1154
Arnold I von Laurenburg
title: from 1123 -, со-граф von Laurenburg по другим данным с 1124 г.
death: 1148
== 3 ==

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