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Family: Герман Биллун + Hildeshuit de Westerburg

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Герман Биллун [Биллуны] b. between 900 and 915 d. 27 March 973

Hildeshuit de Westerburg [Westerburg] b. estimated 930


Бернхард I Биллун [Биллуны] b. about 950 d. 9 February 1011

Swanhilde van Saksen Billung [Billung] b. estimated 950 d. 26 November 1014

Liudger van Saksen Billung [Saksen Billung] b. 945 d. 26 February 1011

Mathilde (Maud) of Saxony [Billung] b. estimated 945 d. 25 May 1008

Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::FAM @F23830@::Kjansen


940 marriage:


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[edit] Sources

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