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Family: Peter I de Bourbon + Isabelle de Valois

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Peter I de Bourbon (Bourbon) [Bourbon] b. 1311 d. 19 September 1356

Isabelle de Valois (Valois) [Capet] b. 1313 d. 26 July 1383


Jeanne de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 3 February 1338 d. 6 February 1378

w Blanche de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1339 d. 1361

Louis Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 4 February 1337 d. 10 August 1410

w Bonne of Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1341 d. 1403

Marguerite de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1344 d. 4 January 1416

Catherine de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1342 d. 7 June 1427

Маrie de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1347 d. 1401

Isabelle de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1345 d. 1345


25 January 1336 marriage:

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