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Family: Charles d'Elbeuf + Catherine-Henriette de Bourbon-Vendôme

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Charles d'Elbeuf (Charles II) [Lorraine] b. 5 November 1596 d. 5 November 1657

Catherine-Henriette de Bourbon-Vendôme [Bourbon] b. 14 November 1596 d. 20 June 1663


w François-Louis de Lorraine [Lorraine] b. 4 April 1627 d. 27 June 1694

w François-Marie d'Elbeuf (de Joyeuse) [Lorraine] b. 4 April 1624 d. 19 January 1694

Marie-Marguerite d'Elbeuf [Lorraine] b. 1629 d. 7 August 1679

Catherine d'Elbeuf [Lorraine] b. 1626 d. 1645

Henri d'Elbeuf [Lorraine] b. 1620 d. 3 April 1648

Charles d'Elbeuf (Charles III) [Lorraine] b. 1620 d. 4 May 1692


20 June 1619 marriage: Paris (75)

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