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Helena Angelina Dukaina b. about 1242 d. July 1271

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Lineage Angeloi
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Helena Angelina Dukaina

Михаил II Комнин Дука [Angeloi] d. between 1266 and 1268

Theodora ? (Petraliphaina, Petraliphas) [?]

Wiki-page wikipedia:de:Helena Angelina Dukaina


about 1242 birth:

child birth: Фридрих Савойский [Staufer]

child birth: Флорделия Савойская [Staufer]

child birth: Генрих Савойский [Staufer]

child birth: Беатриса Савойская [Staufer]

marriage: Manfred de Savoie (Гогенштауфены) [Hohenstaufen] b. about 1232 d. 26 February 1266

July 1271 death: Nocera Inferiore

From grandparents to grandchildren

Theodore Comnenus (Ducas)
title: between 1215 and 1230, Despotate of Epirus
Михаил I Комнин Дука
title: from 1205 - 1215, царь Эпира
death: 1215
Михаил II Комнин Дука
title: from 1230 - 1266, царь Эпира
death: between 1266 and 1268
== 3 ==
Manfred de Savoie (Гогенштауфены)
birth: about 1232, Venosa
marriage: w Helena Angelina Dukaina
marriage: Beatrice of Savoy
title: from 10 August 1258 - 26 February 1266, Roi de Sicile
death: 26 February 1266, Bénévent
Helena Angelina Dukaina
birth: about 1242
marriage: Manfred de Savoie (Гогенштауфены)
death: July 1271, Nocera Inferiore
== 3 ==
Constantia II of Sicily
birth: 1248, Sicily
title: 13 June 1262, Queen Consort of Aragon
marriage: Pedro d'Aragon (Pedro III d'Aragon, Pietro Ier de Sicile) , Montpellier
title: 27 July 1276, Alzira (Valencia), Reine d'Aragon et Comtesse de Barcelone
title: 30 August 1282, Foggia, Reine de Sicile
death: 1302, Barcelona
Manfred IV del Vasto (de Saluces)
marriage: Isabella Doria
title: from 1296 - 1334, marquis de Saluces

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