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Maria Slonim (Phillimore) b. 1945

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Lineage Slonim
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Maria Slonim
Other last names Phillimore

Илья Львович Слоним [Слоним]

Tatiana Maximovna Litvinova [Litvinov] b. 1918 d. 5 December 2011

Wiki-page wikipedia:ru:Слоним, Мария Ильинична


1945 birth:

1983 marriage: Robert Godfrey Phillimore [Phillimore] b. 1939 d. 1990

From grandparents to grandchildren

Maxim Maximovich Litvinov
birth: 5 July 1876, Białystok
marriage: Ivy Low (Litvinov) , Hampstead (London)
occupation: 1930, Moscow, Foreign Minister of the USSR
occupation: 1941, Washington (District of Columbia), Ambassador of the USSR to the USA
death: 31 December 1951, Moscow, Russia
Ivy Low (Litvinov)
birth: 1889, London
marriage: Maxim Maximovich Litvinov , Hampstead (London)
death: 1977, Hove (England)
== 3 ==
Robert Godfrey Phillimore
birth: 1939
title: 3rd Baron Phillimore
marriage: w Maria Slonim (Phillimore)
death: 1990
== 3 ==

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