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James Cook b. 27 October 1728 d. 14 February 1779

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Lineage Cook
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) James Cook
Other given names Captain James // , RN

James Cook [Cook] b. 4 March 1693 d. 1 April 1779

Grace Pace [Pace] b. 1702 d. 1765

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Reference numbers GEDCOM::frankskinner.ged::INDI @I296@::Hailey C. Shannon


27 October 1728 birth: Marton (Middlesbrough), Yorkshire (England), also called : Marton-in-Cleveland

child birth: George Cook [Cook]

child birth: Hugh Cook [Cook]

child birth: James Cook [Cook]

child birth: Joseph Cook [Cook]

child birth: Elizabeth Cook [Cook]

child birth: Nathaniel Cook [Cook]

21 December 1762 marriage: Essex (England), St Margaret's, Barking, Essex, Elizabeth Batts [Batts] b. 1742 d. 1839

14 February 1779 death: Hawaii


  • Six children but none with issue
  • See James Cook Genealogy at Captain James Cook website prepared by Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in partnership with British Library etc.

From grandparents to grandchildren

John Cook
birth: 1670, Ednam (Scotland)
marriage: Jean Duncan (Cook)
Jean Duncan (Cook)
birth: 1670
marriage: John Cook
death: 1710
James Cook
birth: 4 March 1693, /94
marriage: Grace Pace
occupation: 1694, Born 1694 Julian Calendar
death: 1 April 1779
Grace Pace
birth: 1702
marriage: James Cook
death: 1765
== 3 ==
John Cook
birth: 1727
death: 1750
Mary Cook
birth: 1732
death: 1737
Jane Cook
birth: 1737
death: 1742
Mary Cook
birth: 1740
death: 1741
William Cook
birth: 1746
death: 1748
Christiana Cook
death: NOWN
Margaret Cook
birth: 20 July 1742
death: 17 October 1804
Elizabeth Batts
birth: 1742
marriage: James Cook , Essex (England), St Margaret's, Barking, Essex
death: 1839
James Cook
birth: 27 October 1728, Marton (Middlesbrough), Yorkshire (England), also called : Marton-in-Cleveland
marriage: Elizabeth Batts , Essex (England), St Margaret's, Barking, Essex
death: 14 February 1779, Hawaii
== 3 ==
Nathaniel Cook
death: NOWN
Elizabeth Cook
death: NOWN
Joseph Cook
death: NOWN
George Cook
death: NOWN
Hugh Cook
death: NOWN
James Cook
death: NOWN

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