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John II of Luxembourg

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Lineage Luxembourg
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John II of Luxembourg

w Marguerite De Enghien [Enghien] b. 1372 d. 19 September 1393

Wiki-page wikipedia:John_II_of_Luxembourg,_Count_of_Ligny

From grandparents to grandchildren

Sohier Enghien
title: King of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant
Louis De Enghien (Hainault)
birth: 1335, Bassily, Hainaut, Belgium
death: 17 March 1394, Conversano, Apulia, Italy
Giovanna De San Sevrino
birth: 1340, Bassily, Hainaut, Belgium
death: 1395
Jean de Luxembourg
birth: 1370, Beauvoir, Picardy, France
marriage: w Marguerite De Enghien
death: 1397, Luxembourg
Marguerite De Enghien
birth: 1372, Brienne Le Chateau, Aube, Champagne, France
marriage: Jean de Luxembourg
death: 19 September 1393
== 3 ==
Pierre Brienne (De Luxembourg)
birth: 1390, Luxembourg
marriage: w Marguerite De Baux
title: Comte de Brienne, de Conversano de 1397 à 1433 et de Saint-Pol
death: 31 August 1433, Chateau Rambures, Oisemont, France
# Ludwig von Luxemburg
birth: 1391
title: 1415 - 1436, Thérouanne, Bischof von Thérouanne
title: 7 February 1425, Kanzler von Frankreich
title: 1436 - 1443, Rouen, Erzbischof von Rouen
occupation: 1437, England, Administrateur du diocèse d'Ely
title: 18 December 1439, Cardinal-prêtre de IV Santi Coronati
title: 18 December 1439, Cardinal-évêque de Frascati
death: 18 September 1443, Hatfield (Hertfordshire)
== 3 ==

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