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Destiny Renee Sprague (Daingett) b. 13 February 1926 d. 5 July 1992

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Lineage Sprague
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Destiny Renee Sprague
Other last names Daingett

Annabel Fitzgerald [Fitzgerald] b. July 1901 d. 1987

w Clifton Albert Frederick Sprague [Sprague] b. 8 January 1896 d. 11 April 1955


13 February 1926 birth:

marriage: Elliott Daignett [Daignett] b. 6 March 1923 d. 5 April 1984

5 March 1939 graduation:

5 April 1945 child birth: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, Annie Daignett (Cranford) [Daignett] b. 5 April 1945

13 February 1966 retirement:

5 July 1992 death: New York City, The Bronx

6 July 1992 burial: New York City, The Bronx

From grandparents to grandchildren

Edward Fitzgerald
birth: 13 April 1853
marriage: Mary McQuillan
death: 26 January 1931, Washington (District of Columbia), United States
Mary McQuillan
birth: 8 August 1859, Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
marriage: Edward Fitzgerald
death: 12 September 1936, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
birth: 24 September 1896, Saint Paul (Minnesota)
marriage: Daisy Buchanan
marriage: w Zelda Sayre
divorce filed: w Zelda Sayre
divorce: w Zelda Sayre
marriage: Kelly Aierolle (Fitzgerald)
death: 21 December 1940, Hollywood, California
Annabel Fitzgerald
birth: July 1901, Saint Paul (Minnesota)
marriage: w Clifton Albert Frederick Sprague
death: 1987
Clifton Albert Frederick Sprague
birth: 8 January 1896, Dorchester, Massachusetts, United States
marriage: Annabel Fitzgerald
death: 11 April 1955
== 3 ==
Elliott Daignett
birth: 6 March 1923, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
marriage: Destiny Renee Sprague (Daingett)
death: 5 April 1984, New York City, The Bronx
Destiny Renee Sprague (Daingett)
birth: 13 February 1926
marriage: Elliott Daignett
graduation: 5 March 1939
retirement: 13 February 1966
death: 5 July 1992, New York City, The Bronx
burial: 6 July 1992, New York City, The Bronx
== 3 ==
Annie Daignett (Cranford)
birth: 5 April 1945, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
marriage: Darren Cranford
Annabel Krivu (Cranford)
birth: 21 May 1954, Halifax (Nova Scotia), Canada, Annabell was born in Nova Scotia in 1954.
marriage: Don Cranford
marriage bann: Don Cranford

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