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James Hamilton b. 1415 d. 6 November 1479

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Lineage Hamilton
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) James Hamilton

James Hamilton (Cadzow) [Hamilton] b. before 1396 d. May 1441

Janet Livingston (of Shawis) [Livingston]


1415 birth: Hamilton (South Lanarkshire), Cadzow Castle

child birth: Robert Hamilton (d'Aubigny) [Hamilton]

child birth: Elizabeth Hamilton [Hamilton]

marriage: Euphemia Graham [Graham] d. 1468

title: Lord Hamilton, First

title: Lord Cadzow, 6th

1474 marriage: Mary Stewart [Stewart] b. about 1450 d. May 1488

1475 child birth: James Hamilton (Arran) [Hamilton] b. 1475 d. 22 July 1529

6 November 1479 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

John Hamilton (Cadzow)
birth: before 1359
marriage: Jacoba Douglas
other: 4th Lord Cadzow
death: 14 September 1402
Jacoba Douglas
birth: about 1372, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Schottland
marriage: John Hamilton (Cadzow)
death: 12 June 1410, Cadzow, Paisley, Lanarkshire, Schottland
Catherine Hamilton (of Cadzow)
birth: about 1391, Probably Lanarkshire, Schottland
marriage: William III Baillie (of Lamington)
death: 1400, Schottland
David Hamilton
birth: about 1400, Of, Lanarkshire, Schottland
death: 1434, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom
James Hamilton (Cadzow)
birth: before 1396
title: Lord Cadzow, 5th
death: May 1441
burial: West Lothian, Schottland
== 3 ==
Mary Stewart
birth: about 1450
marriage: James Hamilton
death: May 1488
James Hamilton
birth: 1415, Hamilton (South Lanarkshire), Cadzow Castle
marriage: Euphemia Graham
title: Lord Hamilton, First
title: Lord Cadzow, 6th
marriage: Mary Stewart
death: 6 November 1479
== 3 ==
Matthew Stuart
birth: before 5 May 1488
marriage: Margaret Lyle
title: Earl of Lennox, 2nd
death: 9 September 1513
James Hamilton (Arran)
birth: 1475
marriage: Janet Bethune
title: 1st Earl Arran
death: 22 July 1529
Robert Hamilton (d'Aubigny)
title: Seigneur d'Aubigny
John Stuart
birth: about 1490
title: Earl of Lennox, 3rd
death: 4 September 1526
James Hamilton
marriage: Margaret Douglas
title: comte d'Arran
title: Ch√Ętellerault (86), duc de Ch√Ętellerault
death: 22 January 1575

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