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Flavia Sevira Honoria

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Lineage Gens Flavia
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Flavia Sevira Honoria
Other given names Ceindrech


marriage: Constans II [?] d. 411

child birth: Sevira Aela [Wledig]

child birth: Sevira Serena [Wledig]

340 child birth: Severa Maxima [Wledig] b. 340

386 child birth: Votadina (Bernica and Lothian), Konstantin III [?] b. 386 d. 460

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Constans II
marriage: Flavia Sevira Honoria
title: between 409 and 411, Zaragoza, Spain, Emperor of Rome
death: 411, Vienne (Isère)
== 1 ==
Konstantin III
birth: 386, Votadina (Bernica and Lothian)
title: Imperator of Manau
death: 460
Constantine (Charaton) ? (Kshatriya Khan, Aksungur)
birth: before 400
marriage: Sevira Serena
title: between 419 and 422, Akatziroi Khan
other: 420, Founter of the WHITE HUN EMPIRE.
birth: estimated 345
title: Proconsul of Africa
death: after 395
Tybius Authorus (Uther) ap Cunedda (Pendragon)
birth: 408
title: Votadina (Bernica and Lothian), Tribunus Romani
death: 470
Ambrosius Aurelianus Amhar Kydwan (Cadwallon ap Cunedda)
birth: Bourge, France
death: Genova (Genoa), Liguria
Pontius ? (de Genewis, Geawissae)
birth: before 371, Genoa
marriage: Helena Clarina Sevira (Wledig)
other: Domorot Majeure
Felix Ennodius
birth: estimated 380
death: 430, Ravenna
Ceredig ap Cunedda
birth: after 411

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