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[edit] GEDCOM downloads

At the moment I see that it's possible to upload GEDCOM files, but not download files. I'm working on my family tree with various close and distant relatives and we each have our own family tree software installed on our computers. We're interested in using Rodovid as the collection site for our research and resulting familial data. However, we are unable to download the GEDCOM files after someone has uploaded them. What to do?

  • Current status of subj. But some words about collection. If you are using Rodovid as collection, why you cann't work with data directly at Rodovid? I have seen many genealogical software before starting to work for rodovid. Anyone of software does not have features of Rodovid:
  1. compact huge trees (at current time if server not fully overload full tree can show more then 2000 persons) 1230 persons as example, also see Willam Windsor's tree.
  2. multylingval (peoples can work in 14 languages, and anybody can add new one)
  3. free & simple editing from anywhere and by anybody, with edit __history__, so vandalism can be reverted in minute.
  4. watching, record discussion and other wiki features

of course rodovid does not have other many features, but I hardly work for add new. --Baya 12:10, 17 September 2006 (EEST)

[edit] Privacy

Does this website protect living persons in any way from having personal information being made publicly available? There's a lot of people out there who don't have the proper awareness to not upload their families' information. For example, knowing the maiden name of somebody's mother can cause problems for that somebody, because organizations often use it as a de-facto password. It's easy to imagine kids uploading their parents' data, not realizing the implication of their actions.

[edit] Backup

Hi, this site is really great and I enjoy using it. However after I spend now hours with adding my information and having read through the valid remarks why downloading is not possible I miss two of the biggest argument - backup and privacy. Backup - I would like to save my work (Who guarantees that the server does not get shut down? Privacy - I prever my private copy which contains more private informations people do not want to share on a big scale. These 2 points force me to work on two copies.

  1. Database backuped automatically every week. I hope that at beginning I can maintain server by my self. But later we will require donations and sponsorship. Generally, I maintain another project ( from 1998, and currently it will work even without me :) ). I hope that rodovid will work independently from any individual in future.
--Baya 19:24, 11 December 2006 (EET)

[edit] Privacy

- there are exists a long discussion for this topic. Some ideas I have to resolve this question. It will take much time, but I hope it will be resolved. --Baya 19:24, 11 December 2006 (EET)

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