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Edward Baker Lincoln b. 10 March 1846 d. 1 February 1850

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Lineage Lincoln
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Edward Baker Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln [Lincoln] b. 12 February 1809 d. 15 April 1865

Mary Todd [Todd] b. 13 December 1818 d. 16 July 1882


10 March 1846 birth: Springfield (Illinois)

1 February 1850 death: Springfield (Illinois), 3 years old

From grandparents to grandchildren

Mordecai Lincoln
birth: 1771, Rockingham County (Virginia), Virginia, United States
marriage: Mary Mudd , Bardstown, Nelson County (Kentucky), Kentucky, United States
death: 1830, Hancock County (Illinois), Illinois, United States
Sarah Bush
birth: 13 December 1788, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA
marriage: Daniel Johnston , Hardin County, USA
marriage: Thomas Herring Lincoln , Elizabethtown (Kentucky), Kentucky, USA
death: 1869, USA
burial: Coles County, USA, Shiloh Cemetery, next to husband, Thomas Lincoln
Thomas Herring Lincoln
birth: 6 January 1778, Rockingham County (Virginia), Virginia, United States
marriage: Nancy Hanks (Sparrow) , Kentucky, USA
marriage: Sarah Bush , Elizabethtown (Kentucky), Kentucky, USA
death: 17 January 1851, Coles County, Illinois, United States
Nancy Hanks (Sparrow)
birth: 5 February 1784, Hampshire County (West Virginia), United States
marriage: Thomas Herring Lincoln , Kentucky, USA
death: 5 October 1818, Spencer County (Indiana), United States, Milk Sickness
burial: Lincoln City (Indiana), USA, Nancy Hanks Lincoln Cemetery
Robert Smith Todd
birth: 25 February 1791, Lexington (Kentucky), Kentucky, United States
marriage: Eliza Parker (Todd) , United States
death: 16 July 1849, Lexington (Kentucky), Kentucky, United States
Eliza Parker (Todd)
marriage: Robert Smith Todd , United States
death: July 1826
Sarah Lincoln
birth: 10 February 1807, Elizabethtown (Kentucky), United States
marriage: Aaron Grigsby
death: 20 January 1828, United States, During Childbirth
Thomas Lincoln
birth: 1812, Hardin County (Kentucky), United States
death: 1812, Hardin County (Kentucky), United States
Abraham Lincoln
birth: 12 February 1809, Hodgenville (Kentucky)
marriage: Mary Todd , Lexington (Kentucky)
title: from 4 March 1861 - 15 April 1865, President of the United States, 16th
death: 15 April 1865, Washington D.C., United States, killed by John Wilkes Booth, at age 56
Mary Todd
birth: 13 December 1818, Lexington (Kentucky), United States
marriage: Abraham Lincoln , Lexington (Kentucky)
death: 16 July 1882, Springfield (Illinois), United States
== 3 ==
Robert Todd Lincoln
birth: 1 August 1843, Springfield (Illinois), United States, the Globe Tavern
marriage: Mary Eunice Harlan
title: from 5 March 1881 - 4 March 1885, United States Secretary of War, 36th
death: 26 July 1926, Manchester (Vermont), United States, 82 years old
burial: 14 March 1928, Arlington County (Virginia), Arlington National Cemetery
William Wallace Lincoln
birth: 21 December 1850, Springfield (Illinois)
death: 20 February 1862, Washington D.C.
Thomas Lincoln
birth: 4 April 1853, Springfield (Illinois)
death: 16 July 1871, Chicago
Edward Baker Lincoln
birth: 10 March 1846, Springfield (Illinois)
death: 1 February 1850, Springfield (Illinois), 3 years old
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