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Geoffrey Porhoët b. 1092 d. 1141

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Lineage Porhoët
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Geoffrey Porhoët

Anne de Leon [Leon] b. 1065

Eudes I de Porhoet [Porhoët]


1092 birth:

child birth: Eudes II du Porhoet [Porhoet]

title: Josselin (56), vicomte de Porhoët

about 1100 child birth: w Eudes Porhoet [Porhoet] b. about 1100 d. about 1180

1141 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Josselin de Porhoet
title: Josselin (56), seigneur de Porhoët
title: 1020
Anne de Leon
birth: 1065
Eudes I de Porhoet
title: Josselin (56), seigneur de Porhoët
title: 1049
== 3 ==
Alain Porhoët (le Noir du Rohan)
birth: 1084
title: Rohan (56), vicomte de Rohan
title: vicomte de Castelnoec
death: 1147
Geoffrey Porhoët
birth: 1092
title: Josselin (56), vicomte de Porhoët
death: 1141
== 3 ==
Berthe de Bretagne
birth: 1114
marriage: Alan of Penthièvre
marriage: w Eudes Porhoet
title: 1148, Duchesse de Bretagne
death: 1156
Eudes Porhoet
birth: about 1100
other: Vicomte de Porhoet
marriage: Berthe de Bretagne
death: about 1180
Conan IV de Bretagne
birth: about 1135, Brittany, France
title: 1146, Duc de Bretagne
title: 1156
marriage: w Margaret of Huntingdon
death: 20 February 1171
Enoguen de San Sulpice
birth: before 1146
caste: estimated 1170, Saint-Sulpice-la-Forêt (35), abbesse de Notre-Dame du Nid-au-Merle, aussi appelée abbaye de Saint-Sulpice des Bois
death: about 1198
Geoffroy de Porhoët
death: after 1155
Adelaide de Porhoët
birth: estimated 1150
caste: estimated 1175, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye (49), abbesse de l'Abbaye de Fontevraud
Alix de Porhoët
birth: estimated 1150
other: 1168, prise en otage par Henri II d'Angleterre

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