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Oda van Borselen (van Randerode) b. 1263 d. 1300

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Lineage Borselen
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Oda van Borselen
Other last names van Randerode

Peter van Borselen [Borselen] b. 1210 d. 1278

Hadewig van Cruyningen [Kruiningen] b. estimated 1230 d. 1278

Reference numbers GEDCOM::AeltjevanderBurch.ged::INDI @I82522@::Kjansen


1263 birth:

estimated 1275 child birth: Aleid van Strijen [Strijen] b. estimated 1275 d. between 28 February 1315 and 26 June 1316

1280 marriage: Willem van Strijen [Strijen] b. 1250 d. 1293

estimated 1280 child birth: NN Willems van Strijen [Strijen] b. estimated 1280

1282 child birth: Hedwig van Strijen [Strijen] b. 1282 d. 1331

1300 death:


  1. - (zie ES NF Band VIII Tafel 47b)

From grandparents to grandchildren

Godfried van Cruyningen
birth: estimated 1210
marriage: Oda van Pumbeke
death: 1265
Oda van Pumbeke
birth: estimated 1210
marriage: Godfried van Cruyningen
death: after May 1263
Hendrik Wisse van Borselen
birth: estimated 1210
marriage: Clarissa van Gavere
death: between 1271 and 1266
Hugo van Cruyningen
birth: estimated 1250
death: after 7 May 1293
Wouter van Cruiningen
birth: estimated 1245
death: after 1292
Hadewig van Cruyningen
birth: estimated 1230
marriage: Peter van Borselen
death: 1278
== 3 ==
Floris van Borselen
birth: 1260
marriage: Isabella van Gistel
death: 22 June 1322
== 3 ==
Jan van Almonde
birth: estimated 1270
death: after 1324
Rasso VIII van Gaveren
birth: 1240
marriage: Hedwig van Strijen
death: 23 November 1307
Nicolaas van Putten
birth: estimated 1270
title: 1276, Heer van Putten 1276 - 1311
marriage: Aleid van Strijen
title: 1304, Ridder
death: 27 October 1311
burial: Geervliet
Aleid van Strijen
birth: estimated 1275
title: Vrouwe van Strijen 1294 - 1316
marriage: Nicolaas van Putten
death: between 28 February 1315 and 26 June 1316
burial: Geervliet, in dezelfde tombe als haar man
NN Willems van Strijen
birth: estimated 1280
Guido de Dampierre
birth: 1300
marriage: Marie d' Enghien
title: 1311, Seigneur de Richebourg
marriage: Beatrix de Putten
death: 1345
Beatrix de Putten
birth: 1294
title: 1321, Dame de Richebourg
marriage: Guido de Dampierre
death: 18 June 1354
Aleid van Putten en Strijen
birth: 1300
title: 1300, Vrouwe van Putten en Strijen 1354-1361
marriage: Boudewijn van Praet
death: 1361
Willem V van Horne
birth: after 1302
title: Heer van Horn, Altena en Gaasbeek
marriage: Oda van Putten en Strijen
marriage: Elisabeth von Cleve
death: 22 July 1343
Oda van Putten en Strijen
birth: 1295
title: Vrouwe van Putten en Strijen (niet in functie)
marriage: Willem V van Horne
death: 1331, Overleden tussen 1330 en 1336

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