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Obadiah Newcomb Bush b. 28 January 1797 d. about 9 February 1851

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Lineage Bush
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Obadiah Newcomb Bush

Timothy Bush Junior [Bush] b. 1 April 1761 d. 4 May 1850

Lydia Newcomb (Bush) [Newcomb]

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Obadiah_Bush


28 January 1797 birth: Penfield (New York)

8 November 1821 marriage: Rochester (New York), Harriet Smith (Bush) [Smith] b. 12 May 1800 d. 21 June 1867

15 June 1825 child birth: Rochester (New York), James Smith Bush [Bush] b. 15 June 1825 d. 11 November 1889

about 9 February 1851 death: California

From grandparents to grandchildren

Timothy Bush
birth: 9 December 1728, Bristol (Rhode Island)
death: 25 February 1815, Springport (New York)
Timothy Bush Junior
birth: 1 April 1761, Lebanon (Connecticut)
death: 4 May 1850, Rochester (New York)
== 3 ==
Harriet Smith (Bush)
birth: 12 May 1800, Cambridge (New York)
marriage: w Obadiah Newcomb Bush , Rochester (New York)
death: 21 June 1867, Cincinnati (Ohio)
Obadiah Newcomb Bush
birth: 28 January 1797, Penfield (New York)
marriage: Harriet Smith (Bush) , Rochester (New York)
death: about 9 February 1851, California
== 3 ==
Harriet Eleanor Fay
birth: 29 October 1829, Savannah (Georgia)
death: 27 February 1924, Boston (Massachusetts)
James Smith Bush
birth: 15 June 1825, Rochester (New York)
ordination: 1855, Orange (New Jersey), Grace Church, deacon
death: 11 November 1889, Ithaca (New York)
Flora Sheldon (Bush)
birth: 17 March 1852, Ohio
marriage: Samuel Prescott Bush
death: 4 September 1920
Samuel Prescott Bush
birth: 4 October 1863, Orange (New Jersey), United States of America, Brick Church
marriage: Flora Sheldon (Bush)
death: 8 February 1948, Columbus (Ohio), United States of America

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