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Abgar V Ukkama bar Ma'nu (Abgarus of Edessa)

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Lineage Osroene
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Abgar V Ukkama bar Ma'nu
Other last names Abgarus of Edessa

Mauriyam Idaniya [Suren]

Manu III (Menander) Hermaeus Soter (Manu II Deus, Manigula of Chuksa, Ma'nu III Saphul Bar Paqor) [Koshanou] b. between -23 and 4

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child birth: ? (Prince Abgar) [Osroene]

child birth: Ma'nu V bar Abgar [Osroene]

religion: Christian Convert

between 13 and 50 title: King of Osroene


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In one of the letterswhich letter? the king indicates that his son the Prince is morbidly ill and requests a physician. To which Jesus replies that he is occupied with some business at hand and when he has ascended to the throne of his father then he will send someone to tend to the king and his family.

[edit] Sources

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  2. - This is considered to be a controversial source but whereas it mentions an event otherwise mentioned in the gospels, and is corraborated by reference in Historia Ecclesiastica, I, xiii, ca AD 325, it is included
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From grandparents to grandchildren

Pharotes IV Daniya (of Parthia)
title: between -37 and -2, King of Parthia
Pacorus I (Paquori) Daniya (of Parthia)
other: Invaded Syria in 51 BC
title: between -68 and -52, Satrap of Edessa
death: -38, Syria, Battle of Cyrrhestica
title: between -34 and -29, King of Osroene
Rustaham-Gondofarr (Gondophares) (Gaspar) ? (Suren-Pahlav)
title: between -10 and 17, King of Saka
Abgar IV Rufus ben Paqor
title: between -29 and -26, King of Osroene
Manu III (Menander) Hermaeus Soter (Manu II Deus, Manigula of Chuksa, Ma'nu III Saphul Bar Paqor)
birth: between -23 and 4, Regent of Osroene
residence: Margalla, Taxila, Chuksa
residence: Cana, Galatea
other: Prince of Bactria Kushan
other: between -23 and 4, Satrap of Edussa
other: between -10 and 10, Satrap of Chuksa - deposed
== 3 ==
Anonyma (Miriamne) Mauriyam (of Magadan)
birth: before 10, Margalla (Mārĩkalā), Taxila
religion: Langbardi
religion: Nazarine
residence: Qana (near Ic'ataban (Acathaba)
title: 42, Magalensa Ludi - Prima Deia
Gondophares Phraotes ? (Frodo, Frode)
religion: Christian
title: Autokratôr
title: between 21 and 47, King of Indoparthia
Ma'nu IV bar Ma'nu
title: between 7 and 13, King of Osroene
Abgar V Ukkama bar Ma'nu (Abgarus of Edessa)
religion: Christian Convert
title: between 13 and 50, King of Osroene
== 3 ==
Ma'nu V bar Abgar
title: between 50 and 57, King of Osroene
Ma'nu VI bar Abgar
title: between 57 and 71, King of Orosene

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