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Tancred Palamara Heir b. about 1194 d. about 1232

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Lineage Heir
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Tancred Palamara Heir

Roger D'Apulia [Hauteville] b. 1175 d. 24 December 1193


about 1194 birth: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

about 1232 death: Messina, Sicily, Italy, Executed by order of Friedrich II, Holy Roman Emperor

about 1235 child birth: Rome, Italy, Aaron Fitzroger [Fitzroger] b. about 1235 d. about 1270


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Tancred de Lecce
birth: about 1135, Sicily, Italy
marriage: Сибилла Меданская Ачерра
title: from 18 January 1190 - 20 February 1194, Rois de Sicile
death: 20 February 1194, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Elvira Lecce
marriage: Walter III of Brienne
title: about 1200, Comtesse de Brienne et Reine titulaire de Sicile
death: 1216
Вильгельм III
birth: 1185, Лечче
title: from 20 February 1194 - 20 November 1194, король Сицилии, 5-й
death: about 1198
death: between 1256 and 1257
Irene Angelina
birth: 1181, Constatinople, Byzantium
marriage: Roger D'Apulia
marriage: Philip Von Hohenstauffen , Bari
death: 27 August 1208, Göppingen, County of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire, Hohenstaufen Castle
Roger D'Apulia
birth: 1175
title: from January 1190 - 24 December 1193, duc d'Apulie
title: from June 1192 - 24 December 1193, roi de Sicile
marriage: Irene Angelina
death: 24 December 1193
== 3 ==
Tancred Palamara Heir
birth: about 1194, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
death: about 1232, Messina, Sicily, Italy, Executed by order of Friedrich II, Holy Roman Emperor
== 3 ==
Aaron Fitzroger
birth: about 1235, Rome, Italy
death: about 1270, London, England

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