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Pierre des Baux (duc d'Andria) b. about 1430 d. 15 May 1487

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Lineage des Baux
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Pierre des Baux
Other last names duc d'Andria

w François II des Baux (duc d'Andria) [des Baux] b. 1410 d. 1482

Sancia di Chiaramonte [Chiaromonte]

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about 1430 birth:

child birth: w Isabella del Balzo [Balzo] d. 1533

marriage: Maria Donata Orsini [Orsini] d. 1481

1461 child birth: Antoinette des Baux [des Baux] b. 1461 d. 16 January 1538

15 May 1487 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Marguerite De Baux
birth: 1394, Andria, Italy
marriage: Pierre Brienne (De Luxembourg)
death: 1469, France, Cercamp
Jacques des Baux
title: from 1374 - 1383, Prince de Tarente
title: from 1374 - 1383, Empereur latin de Constantinople
title: from 1380 - 1383, Prince d'Achaïe
marriage: Агнесса
death: about 1383
Antoinette des Baux
title: 17 January 1372, Catane, Reine de Sicile
marriage: w Fadric de Sicile (Fadric III) , Catania
Giovanni Antonio Del Balzo Orsini
birth: Count of Conversano
birth: between 1386 and 1393
title: Prince of Taranto
title: Duke of Bari
title: Count of Lecce
title: Count of Acerra
title: Count of Soleto
title: King of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant
title: between 1433 and 1463, Count of Matera
title: between 1453 and 1463, Count of Ugento
death: 15 November 1463
Isabella of Clermont
birth: 1424
title: 30 May 1444
marriage: Ferdinand I de Napoli
title: 1458, Reine de Naples
death: 30 March 1465, Naples
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Federico d'Aragona
birth: 9 April 1452, Naples
marriage: w Anna de Savoie , Milan
marriage: w Isabella del Balzo
title: 7 October 1496, King of Naples
death: 9 November 1504, Tours
Isabella del Balzo
title: 28 November 1486
marriage: Federico d'Aragona
title: 7 October 1496, Naples, Reine de Naples
death: 1533
Gianfrancesco Gonzaga (the Younger)
birth: 4 October 1446, Mantua
title: 1479, Comte de Sabbioneto et de Rodiguo
marriage: Antoinette des Baux
death: 27 August 1496, Bozzolo
Antoinette des Baux
birth: 1461
title: 17 July 1479, Comtesse de Sabbioneta et de Rodiguo
marriage: Gianfrancesco Gonzaga (the Younger)
death: 16 January 1538, Gazzuolo
Шарлотта Неапольская
birth: 1480
marriage: w Nicolas de la Roche-Bernard (Guy XVI de Laval-Montfort)
title: 20 July 1500
title: 28 January 1501, Laval (53), Comtesse de Laval, Baronne de Vitré, Vicomtesse de Rennes et Dame de Montfort
death: 16 October 1506, Vitré (35)
Germaine of Foix
birth: 1488, Foix, France
title: 19 October 1505, Queen Consort of Aragon, Majorca, Valencia, Naples and Sicily Countess Consort of Barcelona
marriage: Ferdinand II of Aragon , Blois
title: 1512, Königingemahlin von Mallorca
marriage: Johann Hohenzollern , Foix, France
title: 1 January 1519, Gemahlin des Königs von Valencia
marriage: w Ferdinand of Calabria
title: 1526, Herzogin von Kalabrien
death: 15 October 1536
Ferdinand of Calabria
birth: 15 December 1488, Andria, Apulia
title: 7 October 1496, Duke of Calabria
marriage: Germaine of Foix
death: 26 October 1550, Valencia (Spain)
Francesca Fieschi
title: 1497, Comtesse de Sabbioneto et de Rodriguo
marriage: Ludovico de Gonzague
death: August 1528
Ludovico de Gonzague
birth: 1481, Bozzolo
title: 27 August 1496, Bozzolo, Comte de Sabbioneta et de Rodriguo
marriage: Francesca Fieschi
death: June 1540, Sabbioneta
Giulia de Naples
birth: 1492
death: 1542
Barbara de Gonzague
birth: 1482
death: 1558, Viadana
Giovanna Orsini
title: 1503, Asola, Dame de Saint Martin dell'Argine
marriage: Federico de Gonzague , Asola
Federico de Gonzague
birth: 1480
title: 27 August 1496, Bozzolo, Seigneur de Saint Martin dell'Argine
marriage: Giovanna Orsini , Asola
death: 28 December 1527, Todi
Dorotea de Gonzague
birth: 1485
death: 1538
Susanna de Gonzague
birth: 1485
death: 1549
Camilla de Gonzague
birth: 1488
death: 1529
Antonia de Gonzague
birth: 1493
death: 1540
Gianfrancesco de Gonzague
birth: 1493
death: 1500
Pirro de Gonzague
birth: 1490
marriage: Camilla Bentivoglio
title: 27 August 1496, Bozzolo, Marquis de Gazzuolo
death: 22 January 1529, Gazzuolo

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