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Robert I d' Arenberg d. 30 April 1536

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Lineage Mark
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Robert I d' Arenberg
Other given names Robert I d' Arenberg, Comte de La Mark

Eberhard III von der Mark [Mark] d. 19 June 1496

Marguerite de Bouchout [Bouchout] d. 1476


14 July 1495 marriage: Mathilde von Montfort [Montfort] b. about 1470 d. 1550

1 March 1506 child birth: Robert II d' Arenberg [Mark] b. 1 March 1506 d. 30 March 1536

30 April 1536 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Jan van de Mark Arenberg
birth: November 1410
title: Heer van Sedan
marriage: Anna Agnes von Virneburg
death: 8 February 1470
Philipp I von Virneburg
birth: about 1425
death: 1443
Robert Ier de la Marck Arenberg
title: Seigneur de Sedan
marriage: Jeanne de Marley
death: 1489
Guillaume de La Mark
birth: about 1435
marriage: Johanna d' Arschot Schoonhoven
death: 18 June 1485, Maastricht
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Walburga von Egmond
birth: 1500
marriage: Robert II d' Arenberg
death: 12 April 1547
Robert II d' Arenberg
birth: 1 March 1506
marriage: Walburga von Egmond
death: 30 March 1536
Johann von Ligne
birth: 1528
title: Baron de Barben├žon
title: Comte d'Arenberg
marriage: Margaretha von der Marck-Arenberg , Grave
death: 23 May 1568, Schlacht von Heiligerlee
Margaretha von der Marck-Arenberg
birth: 15 February 1527, Rekem, Schloss Rekem
marriage: Johann von Ligne , Grave
death: 18 February 1599, Schloss Zevenberghen
Mathilde d' Arenberg
birth: about 1530
marriage: Ludwig Heinrich von Leuchtenberg
death: 4 February 1603, Amberg

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