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John de la Pole b. 27 September 1442 d. about 1492

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Lineage La Pole
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John de la Pole

Alice Chaucer [Chaucer] b. about 1404 d. 20 May 1475

w William de la Pole [La Pole] b. 16 October 1396 d. 2 May 1450

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk


27 September 1442 birth:

title: Duke of Suffolk, 2nd

1458 marriage: Elizabeth FitzRichard (Plantagenet) [York] b. 22 April 1444 d. after 7 January 1503

between 1462 and 1464 child birth: w John de la Pole [La Pole] b. between 1462 and 1464 d. 16 June 1487

about 1472 child birth: w Edmund de la Pole [La Pole] b. about 1472 d. 30 April 1513

about 1492 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Thomas Chaucer
birth: 1367
death: 14 March 1434
Michael de la Pole
birth: 1367
marriage: Katherine de Stafford
title: 2nd Earl of Suffolk
death: 1415, Harfleur, dysentery
Alice Chaucer
birth: about 1404
marriage: w William de la Pole
death: 20 May 1475, England
Michael de la Pole
birth: 1394
title: 3rd Earl of Suffolk
marriage: Elizabeth Mowbray
death: 25 October 1415, Azincourt
Alexander de la Pole
death: 1429, k.a.the Battle of Jargeau
John de la Pole
death: 1429, in prison in France
Thomas de la Pole
birth: 1397
death: 1433, France, hostage for his brother William
William de la Pole
birth: 16 October 1396, Cotton (Suffolk), England
title: duc de Suffolk
title: 1424, Admiral von Frankreich
marriage: Alice Chaucer
death: 2 May 1450
== 3 ==
Elizabeth FitzRichard (Plantagenet)
birth: 22 April 1444
marriage: w John de la Pole
death: after 7 January 1503
John de la Pole
birth: 27 September 1442
title: Duke of Suffolk, 2nd
marriage: Elizabeth FitzRichard (Plantagenet)
death: about 1492
== 3 ==
Edmund de la Pole
birth: about 1472
title: Duke of Suffolk, 3rd
death: 30 April 1513, England
John de la Pole
birth: between 1462 and 1464
death: 16 June 1487

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