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Francis Hastings d. 20 June 1561

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Lineage Hastings
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Francis Hastings
Wiki-page wikipedia:Francis Hastings, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon


child birth: George Hastings [Hastings] d. 31 December 1604

title: Earl of Huntingdon, 2nd

25 June 1532 marriage: Katherine Pole [Pole] d. 23 September 1576

11 August 1542 child birth: Catherine Hastings [Hastings] b. 11 August 1542

20 June 1561 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Katherine Pole
marriage: w Francis Hastings
death: 23 September 1576
Francis Hastings
title: Earl of Huntingdon, 2nd
marriage: Katherine Pole
death: 20 June 1561
== 1 ==
Dorothy Port
marriage: George Hastings
death: 2 September 1607
George Hastings
title: Earl of Huntingdon, 4th
marriage: Dorothy Port
death: 31 December 1604
Henry Fiennes Clinton
birth: about 1544, Sempringham, Lincolnshire (England), Tattershall Castle
occupation: Member of the Privy Council
other: Royal Position
other: Royal Position
title: Earl of Lincoln (9th creation), 2nd
marriage: Catherine Hastings
death: 26 September 1616, Sempringham, Lincolnshire (England), Tattershall Castle
Francis, Lord Hastings
birth: 1560
marriage: Sarah Harington
death: 17 December 1595
Thomas Clinton
birth: 1568
title: Earl of Lincoln, 3rd
death: between 15 January 1618 and 15 January 1619

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