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Cecilia Ruthven d. 8 July 1589

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Lineage Ruthven
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Cecilia Ruthven

William Ruthven [Ruthven] b. about 1500 d. before 15 December 1662


child birth: David Wemyss of Fingask [Wemyss]

child birth: Cecilia Wemyss [Wemyss]

1558 child birth: West Wemyss, Fife, Scotland, John Wemyss [Wemyss] b. 1558 d. about 1621

1560 child birth: Fife, Scotland, James Wemyss of Bogie [Wemyss] b. 1560 d. about 1640

8 July 1589 death: Fife, Scotland

From grandparents to grandchildren

William Ruthven
birth: about 1500
title: Lord Ruthven, 2nd
death: before 15 December 1662
== 2 ==
David Wemyss of That Ilk
birth: 1535, Fife, Scotland
death: 22 February 1596, Fife, Scotland
Cecilia Ruthven
death: 8 July 1589, Fife, Scotland
== 2 ==
James Wemyss of Bogie
birth: 1560, Fife, Scotland
marriage: Margaret Melville
death: about 1640, Fife, Scotland
Jane Gray
birth: 17 August 1639, West Wemyss, Fife, Scotland
marriage: John Wemyss
John Wemyss
birth: 1558, West Wemyss, Fife, Scotland
marriage: Jane Gray
death: about 1621
James Wemyss of Bogie
birth: about 1590, Fife, Scotland
marriage: Margaret Kinninmonth , Fife, Scotland
death: 1634, West Wemyss, Fife, Scotland
John Wemyss
birth: about 1586
title: 1625, Baronet of Wemyss
title: from 1628 - 1633, Lord of Wemyss and Elcho
title: from 1633 - 22 November 1649, Earl of Wemyss, 1st
title: from 1633 - 22 November 1649, Lord Elcho and Methel
death: 22 November 1649

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