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Geertje Boon b. about 1828

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Lineage Boon
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Geertje Boon

Pieter Boon [Boon]

Guurtje Waijboer [Waijboer]


about 1828 birth: Opmeer

29 April 1849 marriage: Harenkarspel, Reijer Bakker [Bakker] b. about 1826

about 1852 child birth: Harenkarspel, Cornelis Bakker [Bakker] b. about 1852

about 1855 child birth: Harenkarspel, Guurtje Bakker [Bakker] b. about 1855

about 1857 child birth: Harenkarspel, Pieter Bakker [Bakker] b. about 1857

about 1860 child birth: Harenkarspel, Jan Bakker [Bakker] b. about 1860

about 1868 child birth: Harenkarspel, Gerrit Bakker [Bakker] b. about 1868 d. 6 June 1935

From grandparents to grandchildren

Pieter Boon
occupation: hoefsmid
== 2 ==
Reijer Bakker
birth: about 1826, Sint Pancras
occupation: landbouwer
marriage: Geertje Boon , Harenkarspel
Geertje Boon
birth: about 1828, Opmeer
marriage: Reijer Bakker , Harenkarspel
== 2 ==
Vrouwtje Witsmeer
birth: about 1851, Warmenhuizen
marriage: Cornelis Bakker , Harenkarspel
Cornelis Bakker
birth: about 1852, Harenkarspel
occupation: landbouwer
marriage: Vrouwtje Witsmeer , Harenkarspel
Abram Over
birth: about 1853, Oude Niedorp
occupation: landbouwer
marriage: Guurtje Bakker , Harenkarspel
Guurtje Bakker
birth: about 1855, Harenkarspel
marriage: Abram Over , Harenkarspel
Jantje Oudejans
birth: about 1864, Oudkarspel
marriage: Pieter Bakker , Harenkarspel
Pieter Bakker
birth: about 1857, Harenkarspel
occupation: landbouwer
marriage: Jantje Oudejans , Harenkarspel
Jansje Thomasz
birth: about 1862, Zijpe
marriage: Jan Bakker , Harenkarspel
Jan Bakker
birth: about 1860, Harenkarspel
occupation: schipper
marriage: Jansje Thomasz , Harenkarspel
Trijntje Berkhout
birth: about 1873, Sint Maarten
marriage: Gerrit Bakker , Harenkarspel
divorce: Gerrit Bakker
Gerrit Bakker
birth: about 1868, Harenkarspel
occupation: landbouwer
marriage: Trijntje Berkhout , Harenkarspel
divorce: Trijntje Berkhout
death: 6 June 1935, Zeist

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