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Françoise de Roquelaure b. about 1683 d. 5 May 1741

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Lineage Roquelaure
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Françoise de Roquelaure

Marie Louise de Laval-Montmorency-Lezay [Montmorency-Laval]

Antoine-Gaston-Jean-Baptiste de Roquelaure [Roquelaure] b. 1656 d. 1738



about 1683 birth:

marriage: w Louis II de Rohan-Chabot [Rohan-Chabot] d. 1738

17 January 1710 child birth: Paris, w Louis-Marie-Bretagne de Rohan-Chabot [Rohan-Chabot] b. 17 January 1710 d. 28 November 1791

5 May 1741 death: Toulouse, France


Françoise married Louis Bretagne de Rohan-Chabot (son of Louis de Rohan-Chabot) in 1708 and as a result the duchy of Roquelaure passed to this family, who sold it, eventually coming into the possession of the king. The king sold it to Guillaume Dubarry in 1772.

A marquisate of Roquelaure was created in 1766 in favor of Charles de Roquelaure, lord of Saint-Aubin, but it should not be confused with the original peer-duchy.

[edit] Sources

  1. Genealogics. Françoise de Roquelaure -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Louise de Roquelaure
birth: between 1582 and 1585
marriage: Antoine II de Gramont , Chateau Auch
death: 9 November 1610
Rose de Roquelaure
marriage: François de Noailles
will: 13 December 1605
death: after 13 December 1605
Louise de Roquelaure
birth: after 1611
marriage contract: Alexandre de Levis , Chateau de Roquelaure
death: 4 March 1674
Gaston-Jean-Baptiste de Roquelaure
birth: 1617
title: 1652, the first duke of Roquelaure and peer of France (although the peerage remained unregistered)
occupation: 1679, governor of Guyenne
death: 1683
Antoine-Gaston-Jean-Baptiste de Roquelaure
birth: 1656
title: The second duke of Roquelaure
title: marquis de Roquelaure
title: marquis de Lavardens
title: marquis de Biran
title: Mirande (32), comte d'Astarac
marriage: Marie Louise de Laval-Montmorency-Lezay
death: 1738
== 3 ==
Elisabeth de Roquelaure
birth: 1696
marriage: w Charles-Louis de Lorraine , Versailles
title: 1 March 1714, Versailles (78), Comtesse de Marsan
death: 1752
Louis II de Rohan-Chabot
title: Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Prinz von Leon
title: Blain, Marquis von Blain
title: Josselin, Graf von Porhöet
title: Moret-sur-Loing, Graf von Moret
title: La Garnache, Baron de la Garnache
title: Beauvoir-sur-Mer, Baron Beauvoir
marriage: Françoise de Roquelaure
title: from 1727 - 1738, Rohan, Herzog von Rohan
death: 1738
Françoise de Roquelaure
birth: about 1683
marriage: Louis II de Rohan-Chabot
death: 5 May 1741, Toulouse, France
== 3 ==
Louis-Marie-Bretagne de Rohan-Chabot
birth: 17 January 1710, Paris
marriage: Charlotte-Émilie de Crussol d'Uzès
title: from 1738 - 1791, Rohan, Herzog von Rohan
death: 28 November 1791, Nizza

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