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Tenskwatawa Lolla-wossiky (the Prophet) b. 17 March 1772 d. November 1836

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Lineage Cornstalk
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Tenskwatawa Lolla-wossiky
Other last names the Prophet

Bucksinwa Cornstalk (Wynepuechsika) [Cornstalk] b. 1735 d. 10 October 1774

Methotasa Opessa [Shawnee] b. 1738


17 March 1772 birth: Ohio

November 1836 death: Kansas City (Kansas)


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From grandparents to grandchildren

(Chief) Hokoleskwa Cornstalk (Colesqua)
birth: 1715, Pennsylvania, USA
residence: South Carolina, Saludy River
marriage: Ounaconoa Moytoy
death: 10 November 1777, Point Pleasant (West Virginia), USA
Oconostota Coney Moytoy
birth: 1704, Cherokee (Tennessee), Washington County (Tennessee), Tennessee
death: 1783, State of Georgia
Elinipsico Cornstalk
birth: 1745, Shawnee (Perry County Ohio), USA
marriage: Standing Deer Bailey
death: 10 October 1777, Fort Randolph (West Virginia), USA
Bucksinwa Cornstalk (Wynepuechsika)
birth: 1735, Kispoko Town, Ohio
death: 10 October 1774, Point Pleasant (West Virginia)
Methotasa Opessa
birth: 1738
== 3 ==
? Tecumseh
birth: 9 March 1768, Piqua (Ohio), United States, Piqua (Indian village), LDS records report other birth locations: Chalahkawtha, Old Town Of, Shawnees Lewis County, West Virginia
marriage: Monetohse ? (Wife of Tecumseh)
death: 5 October 1813, Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada, (nearChatham) Killed in action during so-called 'Battle of the Thames' of war of 1812
Jesse (Kissacomas) ? (Cheeseekau)
birth: 1757
death: 1792
Tenskwatawa Lolla-wossiky (the Prophet)
birth: 17 March 1772, Ohio
death: November 1836, Kansas City (Kansas)
== 3 ==

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