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Thoron Haakonsdatter b. 1225 d. 1300

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Lineage Sverre
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Thoron Haakonsdatter
Other given names Kone

Hakon IV Haakonsson [Sverre] b. 1204 d. 16 December 1263


1225 birth:

1260 child birth: Gulsvik, Flå, Buskerud, Norway, Halvard Thoraldsen (på Gulsvik) [Hvite] b. 1260 d. 1330

1300 death: Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway

From grandparents to grandchildren

Haakon III Sverresson
birth: 1182, Norway
sealing spouse lds: Inga Olavsdatter
title: from 1202 - 1204, King of Norway
marriage: Inga Olavsdatter , Norway
death: 1 January 1204, Bergen, Bergen, Norway
Inga Olavsdatter
birth: 1182, Varteig, Ostfold, Norway
sealing spouse lds: Haakon III Sverresson
marriage: Haakon III Sverresson , Norway
death: 1234, Norway
baptism lds: 11 December 1935
endownment lds: 22 June 1936, SLAKE
Margareta Skulesdatter
birth: 1208, Rein, Rissa, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
sealing spouse lds: Hakon IV Haakonsson
marriage: Hakon IV Haakonsson , Bergen, Bergen, Norway
death: 1270, Rein, Rissa, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
baptism lds: 15 April 1935
endownment lds: 28 May 1935, SLAKE
seal. to parents lds: 31 October 1963, SLAKE
Hakon IV Haakonsson
birth: 1204, Eidsberg, Norway, (then called : Folkenborg)
sealing spouse lds: Margareta Skulesdatter
title: from 1217 - 1263, King of Norway
marriage: Margareta Skulesdatter , Bergen, Bergen, Norway
death: 16 December 1263, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland
== 3 ==
Magnus VI Haakonsson
birth: 1 May 1238, Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway
marriage: w Ingeborg Eriksdotter
title: from 1263 - 1280, King of Norway
death: 9 May 1280, Norway
Thorvald Gunnarsson
birth: 1200, Gulsvik, Flå, Buskerud, Norway
death: 1250, Gulsvik, Flå, Buskerud, Norway
Thoron Haakonsdatter
birth: 1225
death: 1300, Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway
== 3 ==
Halvard Thoraldsen (på Gulsvik)
birth: 1260, Gulsvik, Flå, Buskerud, Norway
death: 1330, Gulsvik, Flå, Buskerud, Norway
Sigurd Halvardsen
birth: 1290, Gulsvik, Flå, Buskerud, Norway
death: 1350, Gulsvik, Flå, Buskerud, Norway
Rolf Toraldsen
birth: about 1300, Øvre Eiker, Buskerud, Norway, Haug

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