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Thomas Gordon

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Lineage Gordon
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Thomas Gordon

Archbald Gordone [Gordone] b. 1556

Kattrin Cheyne [Cheyne] b. about 1600


birth: Scotland

marriage: Margaret Milne [Milne] b. about 1615

4 August 1635 child birth: Aberdeen (Scotland), Alexander Gordon [Gordon] b. 4 August 1635 d. 1697

From grandparents to grandchildren

Archbald Gordone
birth: 1556, Aberdeen, Scotland
marriage: Kattrin Cheyne
Kattrin Cheyne
birth: about 1600, Scotland
marriage: Archbald Gordone
== 2 ==
Margaret Milne
birth: about 1615, Scotland
marriage: Thomas Gordon
== 2 ==
Mary Lissen
birth: 1644
marriage: Alexander Gordon , Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
Alexander Gordon
birth: 4 August 1635, Aberdeen (Scotland)
military service: 1651, England, Served briefly in Scottish Army of Charles II, was captured by English soldiers led by Oliver Cromwell, jailed as prisoner of war at Tuthill Fields prison in London
immigration: 1651, Boston (Massachusetts), United States, Deported to the colonies, confined to Watertown, Massachusetts
marriage: Mary Lissen , Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
military service: 1675, United States, In 1675 enlisted the colonists army to help defend the colony against the Indian chief, King Philip.
military service: 1695, United States, In 1695, at the age of 60, Alexander again enlisted in the army, serving in Capt. Kingsley Hall's company in the King Williams War.
death: 1697, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
Elizabeth Gordon
birth: 23 February 1664, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
Nicholas Gordon
birth: 23 March 1666, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
Mary Gordon
birth: 22 May 1668, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
John Gordon
birth: 26 October 1670, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
death: 1746, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
James Gordon
birth: 22 July 1673, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
Sarah Sewel
birth: 17 September 1676, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
marriage: Alexander Gordon
Alexander Gordon
birth: 1 December 1675, Exeter (New Hampshire), Rockingham County (New Hampshire), United States
marriage: Sarah Sewel
Elizabeth Harriman
marriage: Thomas Gordon , Haverhill (Massachusetts), United States
death: 1709, Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
Rebecca Heard
marriage: Thomas Gordon , Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
Thomas Gordon
birth: 20 November 1678, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
marriage: Elizabeth Harriman , Haverhill (Massachusetts), United States
marriage: Rebecca Heard , Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
death: 1762, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
Margaret Harriman
birth: 6 October 1681, Haverhill (Massachusetts), Essex County (Massachusetts)
marriage: Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon
birth: 1682, Exeter (New Hampshire), United States
marriage: about 15 September 1708, Exeter (New Hampshire)
marriage: Margaret Harriman

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