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Raden Mas Muhammad Hasyir b. calculated 1872

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Lineage Hamengku Buwono III
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Raden Mas Muhammad Hasyir
Other given names Achmad

RM. KH. Usman Bakhsan Dipomenggolo [Hamengku Buwono] b. calculated 1849

10. Nji R. Kuraesin [Kasultanan Banten] b. calculated 1864


calculated 1872 birth: Jembatan Ledeng-Lolongok-Bogor, (1868+17)

child birth: 5. Nyi R. Maemunah [Hamengku Buwono]

child birth: 4. Nyi R. Suaebah [Hamengku Buwono]

child birth: 2. R. Ismail [Hamengku Buwono]

child birth: 1. R. Bustomi [Hamengku Buwono]

child birth: 3. R. Mudjitaba [Hamengku Buwono]


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From grandparents to grandchildren

RM. Harjo Dipomenggolo
birth: calculated 1832, Bogor (Jabaru)
RM. Harjo Dipotjokromenggolo
birth: calculated 1833, Bogor (Jabaru)
RM. H. Harjo Abdul Manap Dipomenggolo
birth: calculated 1834, Bogor (Jabaru)
RM. Sahid Angkrih
birth: calculated 1835, Bogor (Jabaru)
birth: calculated 1836, Bogor (Jabaru)
Raden Ayu Okah / Nyi Mas Okah
birth: calculated 1837, Bogor (Jabaru)
RM. Ngabehi Dipomenggolo / KH. Safawi
birth: calculated 1831, Bogor (Jabaru)
marriage: Nyi Mas Ngabey
death: 1896, Banten
6. Rhm. Sjafi'ie (Penghulu Bogor)
occupation: from 24 June 1899 - 30 January 1911, Hoofd Panghoeloe Buitenzorg
10. RH. Sulaeman
occupation: from 8 June 1874 - 1882, Leden van Buitenzorg
RM. KH. Usman Bakhsan Dipomenggolo
birth: calculated 1849, Jabaru, Ciomas
marriage: 10. Nji R. Kuraesin
1. Nji. R. Hj. Mariah-Asnawi
marriage: 1. R. H. Asnawi
death: 21 August 1985, Mekah
burial: 21 August 1985, Mekah
== 3 ==
1. RM. H. Moch. Rana Menggala (Cucu RM. Ngabehi Dipomenggolo)
birth: calculated 1866, Empang, Kota Bogor
occupation: from 1916 - 1938, PENGHULU TJIAWI - BUITENZORG
death: 1938
2. RM. H Abdul Ghani / Rm.h. Sarhun / Lurah Ihun
birth: calculated 1869, Empang, Kota Bogor
occupation: between 1906 and 1923, LURAH LEBAK PASAR-BUITENZORG
4. RM. H. Harisun
birth: calculated 1875, Empang-Bogor
5. RAy. Titi Wasiah
birth: 1880, Gg. Wahir-Empang
Raden Mas Muhammad Hasyir
birth: calculated 1872, Jembatan Ledeng-Lolongok-Bogor, (1868+17)
== 3 ==
3. R. Mudjitaba
occupation: 1916, Adjunct Hoofd Djaksa, Buitenzorg

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