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Heinrich V von Solms-Ottenstein d. 1353

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Lineage Solms
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Heinrich V von Solms-Ottenstein

Elisabeth zur Lippe [Lippe] d. after 1325

Heinrich IV von Solms-Braunfels [Solms] d. about 1312


child birth: Johannes II von Solms-Ottenstein [Solms] d. between 1402 and 1406

title: von Westerburg

1353 death: Ottenstein


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Hedwig zur Lippe
birth: before 1244
marriage: Otto III von Ravensberg
death: 5 March 1315
Bernhard IV von Lippe
birth: about 1240
marriage: Agnes I ? (of Cleves)
title: from 1265 - 1275, Landesherr der Herrschaft Lippe
death: 5 June 1275
Dietrich VI ? (of Cleves)
birth: between 1214 and 1215, Duke of Cleves
marriage: Elizabeth (Isabella) FitzHenry (van Brabant)
death: 24 March 1245
Jutta van Kleef
birth: 1232
marriage: Walram de Limbourg (Walram IV)
title: 1249, Duchesse de Limbourg
death: 1276
Margarethe van Kleef
birth: 1218
marriage: w Otto II van Gelre (von Geldern)
title: 1242, Comtesse de Gueldre et de Zutphen
death: 10 September 1251
Dietrich VII ? (of Cleves)
birth: 1226
marriage: Aleidis de Heinsberg
title: June 1260, Duke of Cleves
death: 18 March 1275
Agnes I ? (of Cleves)
birth: 1232
title: 1260, Dame héritière de Lippe
marriage: Bernhard IV von Lippe
title: 1265, Dame de Lippe
death: 1 August 1285
Heinrich II von Solms
title: Gf von Solms in Braunfels
marriage: Adelheid von Westerburg
death: between 1280 and 1282
Simon I zur Lippe
birth: about 1280
title: from 1280 - 1344, Landesherr der Herrschaft Lippe
marriage: Adelheid von Waldeck (Lippe)
death: 1344
Heinrich IV von Solms-Braunfels
title: von Westerburg
marriage: Elisabeth zur Lippe
death: about 1312
== 3 ==
Bernhard I von Solms-Braunfels
death: between 1347 and 1349
Heinrich V von Solms-Ottenstein
title: von Westerburg
death: 1353, Ottenstein
== 3 ==
Johannes II von Solms-Ottenstein
death: between 1402 and 1406
Heinrich VII von Solms-Ottenstein
death: after March 1424

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