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Luitgard (Lukarde) von Nassau (Querfurt) b. between 1175 and 1180 d. before 1222

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Lineage Nassau
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Luitgard (Lukarde) von Nassau
Other last names Querfurt

Ruprecht III von Nassau [Nassau] d. 1191

Elisabeth von Schaumburg [Schaumburg] d. about 1235


between 1175 and 1180 birth:

child birth: Ruprecht I von Querfurt [Querfurt] d. 1266

child birth: Lukkardis von Querfurt [Querfurt]

child birth: Burchard II von Mansfeld zu Schrapelau [Querfurt] d. 1255

about 1200 marriage: Gebhard IV von Querfurt [Querfurt] d. after 1213

about 1200 child birth: Gebhard V von Querfurt [Querfurt] b. about 1200 d. 1240

before 1217 marriage: Hermann III von Virneburg [Virneburg] b. about 1180 d. about 1254

before 1222 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Robert II (Ruprecht) van Laurenberg
birth: about 1137
title: from 1154 - 1159, Graf von Nassau
death: between 1159 and 1166
Arnold II von Laurenburg (von Nassau)
title: from 1151 - 1154, Nassau (Lahn), граф von Nassau
death: about April 1159
Ruprecht III von Nassau
other: from 1160 - 1191, Nassau (Rhineland-Palatinate), co-Count, according to other sources up to 1167
marriage: Elisabeth von Schaumburg
death: 1191, Palestine
== 3 ==
death: after 3 December 1240
Gebhard IV von Querfurt
title: 1190, Burggraf von Magdeburg
marriage: Luitgard (Lukarde) von Nassau (Querfurt)
death: after 1213
Hermann III von Virneburg
birth: about 1180
marriage: Luitgard (Lukarde) von Nassau (Querfurt)
death: about 1254
burial: Kloster Himmenrode
== 3 ==
Gebhard V von Querfurt
birth: about 1200
title: Graf zu Querfurt
death: 1240

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