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Solveigh Halfdansdotter b. 680 d. 704

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Lineage Scania
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Solveigh Halfdansdotter
Other given names Сёльвейг

Halfdan Haraldson [Scania] b. about 610



680 birth: Soleyar Varmland Sweden

child birth: Elsa Olofsdotter (Solejar) [Yngling]

child birth: Asa ? (Eysteinsdotter, Scylfing) [?]

marriage: Olof Tratalja (Ingjeldsson) [Yngling] b. 640

marriage: Eystein ? (Onde, Scylfing) [?] b. 668

704 child birth: Buskerud, Norway, Romerike, Halfdan Olofsson (Vitben of Solejar) [Yngling] b. 704 d. 750

704 death: Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway


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[edit] Sources

  1. Сага об Инглингах -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Halfdan Haraldson
birth: about 610, Skane
== 2 ==
Olof Tratalja (Ingjeldsson)
birth: 640, Värmland, Sweden
birth: 710, Romerike, Buskerud, Norway
marriage: Solveigh Halfdansdotter
Eystein ? (Onde, Scylfing)
birth: 668
title: King of Hedmark
marriage: Solveigh Halfdansdotter
death: Hedemark Upland
Solveigh Halfdansdotter
birth: 680, Soleyar Varmland Sweden
marriage: Olof Tratalja (Ingjeldsson)
marriage: Eystein ? (Onde, Scylfing)
death: 704, Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway
== 2 ==
Halfdan Olofsson (Vitben of Solejar)
birth: 704, Buskerud, Norway, Romerike
marriage: Asa ? (Eysteinsdotter, Scylfing)
death: 750, Norway, Vermaland
burial: Sweden, Skiringsal
Elsa Olofsdotter (Solejar)
birth: Hammarö Municipality, Värmland County, Sweden
Eystein Fjart Halfdansson (of Solejar)
birth: 736, Romerike Westfold
title: 760, конунг Вестфольда
death: 780, Jarslo Jerseoy, Vestfold, Telemark, Norway
Gudrod Halfdansson (of Westfold Solejar)
birth: estimated 750, Holtum, Vestfold, Norway
marriage: Alfhild ? (Alfarinsdotter, Alfheim)
death: about 811, Vestfold, Norway

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