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Александр Абаза-Вевилл

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Lineage Абаза
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Александр Абаза-Вевилл

Andrew Alexander Petrovich d'Abaza-Wevill [Abaza] b. 18 August 1954

Стелла ? (Абаза-Вевилл) [?]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Александр Александрович Абаза (d'Abaza)
birth: 1 July 1913, Smila, Ukraine
marriage: Jacqueline Marie Louiset
marriage count: 8 October 1937, Bordeaux
death: 22 March 1977, Bordeaux, age at death: 64 years old
Андрей Александрович Абаза (Abaza)
birth: 1915, Smila, Ukraine
marriage: Rolande Verdeau
death: 1999, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Владимир Александрович Abaza
birth: 29 March 1917, London, England,
marriage: Mathilde Reimonenq (Абаза)
marriage count: 14 February 1938, Latresne, Frankreich, Mathilde Reimonenq (*Latresne 4 August 1917)
death: 2004, Latresne, Frankreich
Pierre Abaza-Wevill
birth: 2 April 1918, Lingfield, England
marriage: Natalia Vladimirovna Abaza , Edinburgh (Scotland)
death: 1971, Tunbridge Wells, England
Olga Abaza
birth: 16 November 1918, Kislovodsk
title: Графиня
marriage: Sergei von der Pahlen
death: 2 September 2008, Paris, Frankreich
burial: 5 September 2008, Paris, Frankreich, Кладбище Сент-Женевьев-де-Буа
Natalia Vladimirovna Abaza
birth: 6 March 1921, Constantinople
marriage: Pierre Abaza-Wevill , Edinburgh (Scotland)
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