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Theresia Pola de Treviso b. 1778

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Lineage Pola
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Theresia Pola de Treviso


1778 birth:

marriage: Adam Albert von Neipperg [Neipperg] b. 8 April 1775 d. 22 February 1829

1807 child birth: Alfred Franz Camill Karl August von Neipperg [Neipperg] b. 1807

1809 child birth: Ferdinand von Neipperg [Neipperg] b. 1809

1811 child birth: Gustav von Neipperg [Neipperg] b. 1811

6 April 1813 child birth: Schwaigern, w Erwin Franz Ludwig Bernhard Ernst von Neipperg [Neipperg] b. 6 April 1813 d. 2 March 1897


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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Adam Albert von Neipperg
birth: 8 April 1775, Vienna (Austria)
title: Graf
marriage: Theresia Pola de Treviso
marriage: Marie Louise Habsburg (Bonaparte)
death: 22 February 1829, Parma (Italy)
== 1 ==
Albertine von Montenuovo
birth: 1 May 1817, Lugo (Italie)
death: 26 December 1867, Fontanellato, Italie
Wilhelm Albrecht von Montenuovo
birth: 9 August 1821, Parma (Italien)
marriage: Juliane Batthyany von Nemet Ujvar , Vienne (Autriche)
death: 7 April 1895, Wien, Österreich
Rosa von Lobkowicz
birth: 13 June 1832
marriage: w Erwin Franz Ludwig Bernhard Ernst von Neipperg , Prag
death: 15 February 1905
Erwin Franz Ludwig Bernhard Ernst von Neipperg
birth: 6 April 1813, Schwaigern
marriage: Rosa von Lobkowicz , Prag
death: 2 March 1897, Schwaigern
Gabrielle Ida von Waldstein
birth: 19 August 1857
marriage: Maria Reinhard Georg Ignaz von Neipperg , Prague
death: 1948, Schwaigern
Maria Reinhard Georg Ignaz von Neipperg
birth: 30 July 1856
marriage: Gabrielle Ida von Waldstein , Prague
death: 15 January 1919, Schwaigern
Ferdinand Zdenko Maria von Lobkowicz
birth: 23 January 1858
marriage: Anna Bertha von Neipperg , Vienna (Austria)
death: 22 December 1938
Anna Bertha von Neipperg
birth: 7 August 1857, Prague
marriage: Ferdinand Zdenko Maria von Lobkowicz , Vienna (Austria)
death: 9 April 1932
Franz Xavier von Königsegg-Aulendorf
birth: 29 December 1858, Wien
marriage: Maria Hedwig von Neipperg
death: 26 April 1927, Aulendorf
Maria Hedwig von Neipperg
birth: 22 July 1859
marriage: Franz Xavier von Königsegg-Aulendorf
death: 23 October 1916, Aulendorf

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